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Portland Oregon free diapers and baby supplies.

Families in Oregon can get free supplies for their baby as well as infant. There is help available in the form of free diapers, baby formula, and other baby items like strollers. The programs offered by the government are focused on helping those in need, regardless of their family situation. This includes single parents, as well as larger families.

The goal of the Portland Oregon non-profits is to provide free baby items to those in need. Some sellers will also sell their surplus goods for a lower price. Extra supplies that may be helpful for taking care of a baby include things like a supplemental nursing system (SNS), cloth diapers, a baby carrier, a crib, and a car seat. There are many other infant care supplies available too. Each center has its own supplies.

There are several locations across the Portland, Oregon area. In addition to receiving supplies, parents may also be referred to financial aid. Diaper banks can also be a source of information on child care, financial grant programs, and much more.

The Clackamas Service Center is a food pantry and social service center located at 8800 SE 80th Avenue in Portland, Oregon. The main phone number for the center is 503-771-7914. It gives help every 30 days. I is giving away everything from cans of baby formula for newborns to hygiene supplies (cloth or disposable diapers) and more. They also help parents with finding day care and applying for food assistance. They also work with the PDX Diaper Bank.

This organization is located at 1435 NE 81st Avenue Suite 100 Portland, OR 97213. The telephone number is 503-232-2031. This organization focuses on helping the very low income and homeless. There is a wide range of free items available at this location, including hygiene items, diapers, food, and more. There are also bathrooms, showers, and other support services available.

Milagros Boutique is a charity located in Multnomah County, Oregon. They offer a program called Infant Care, which provides assistance to parents with infants. Their main address is 5433 NE 30th Avenue, Portland, OR 97211. You can reach them by phone at 360-253-2229. The store sells supplies. There are products to make breast-feeding easier, like pads and nursing systems, and even coupons for disposable diapers.

The Mother And Child Education Center is located in Portland, Oregon, and provides assistance to mothers and children in need. This assistance includes clothing, baby supplies, referrals to housing or shelter, and other aid. The center can be contacted by phone at 503-249-5801, or Spanish speakers can dial 503-913-9360. There are also books specifically written for children.

The PDX Diaper Bank is a non-profit organization based in Portland, Oregon that provides diapers to low-income families in need. This website is based in Clackamas County but provides news and information for the entire Portland, Oregon area. The center is a collaborative effort between local non-profit organizations and government agencies. Donations, including money, are given to it. There are free or disposable diapers, wipes, and incontinence supplies available.

The Rose Haven is a place in Portland, Oregon where people in need can go for help. The main number for the Rose Haven is 503-248-6364.

The main address for Snowcap Community Charities is 17805 SE Stark Street in Portland, Oregon. There is also a small clothing bank on site where people can donate or pick up clothes. The phone number for the organization is 503-674-8785. There are services available for infants, children, and adults. This means that if you are a parent, or a single mom, and you need diapers, you can go to this center and get them up to two times per year. This means that it helps the child until they are 2 years old. There are also supplies that are needed for school.

The Gladstone Ministerial Association provides shoes, clothing, wipes, winter jackets and more to those in need in the Gladstone community. Their main address is Portland Avenue, and they can be reached at 971-246-0302. It goes from the time you’re born until you’re 21 years old.

The Teen Parent Program provides support for teenage mothers in the Portland, Oregon area. They can be contacted at 503-239-6996. Pregnancy tests, baby supplies, formula, and counseling are given. They help parents who are new to the job, and who are younger.

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