Portland Oregon Rescue Mission.

The Rescue Mission may be able to help homeless people, families who are about to be evicted, and Portland residents who are overcoming other difficult situations. The social services and resources offered by the government include emergency shelters, information on transitional housing, addiction recovery services, and general self-sufficiency services. If you are struggling with homelessness or addiction, case managers and staff will help you get through it. The phone number to contact someone is 503-647-7466.

Short term, emergency assistance may include things like shelter, food, and other emergency services. The mission will provide a free hot breakfast and/or dinner to the needy most days. There is a shelter on site that people can stay overnight, but because there is so much demand for it, there is usually a system where people have to enter their names into a lottery to see if they can stay there. However, during the winter months, the space dedicated to the shelter and the total number of beds available will increase to help get people out of the cold. Staff can offer referrals to other agencies in Multnomah County as needed. Burnside St. in Portland, Oregon. The main location of the Burnside Shelter is at 111 W. Burnside St. in Portland, Oregon. This is an address in Portland, Oregon. The number to call is 503-906-7690.

The shelter always has food and hot meals available for people who come through their doors. Many of the clients served by the organization are poor, hungry, have been evicted, are sick, are afraid, or are lonely. Many of the people who call on the Rescue Mission are in dire circumstances and feel hopeless. The charity will try to help them by giving them a hot meal, clothing, a safe bed and other care. They provide hot, nutritious meals to meet nutritional needs, including breakfast and dinner.

There is also a 12 month long recovery program available. There are separate areas for men and women in this region. One option for treatment is a faith-based residential recovery program called Burnside. This is a group for men who live in the Portland area. The other service we offer specifically for women is called Shepherd’s Door. It can help parents take care of their children. The women’s location is at 13207 NE Halsey in Portland, OR 97230.

Other agencies in the county also provide referrals and information for non-profit and government resources. The Rescue Mission helps people who are struggling by working with other organizations that provide food, shelter, and other services. They try to help people get the care they need. The organization can also help with finding local programs for transitional housing and with paying a deposit or rent on a new residence.

The goal of most programs is to help people get back on track. The essential emergency services that organizations like Salvation Army offer to the community, such as food, meals, and shelter, create the possibility for deeper relationships in the future. The staff work to offer a solution to the problems that cause homelessness. This can lead to opportunities for employment and career counseling, and then eventually to more stable housing arrangements.

A key service that helps people become self-sufficient is the Rescue Mission New Life Ministry. This means that through counseling, addiction recovery, education, case management, life skills training and overall renewal, men and women can experience healing in every aspect of their lives. This program does not cost any money to use.

Donations and volunteers are always needed. The Rescue Mission is able to keep helping people in need because of the support it receives from others. This includes things like providing food and shelter, and other basic necessities. The organization offers counseling, addiction recovery, and practical job skills to help people start a new life. You can help by volunteering or donating.

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