Assistance Program

Portsmouth water and sewer bill assistance.

The city of Portsmouth offers financial help to low-income households with both water and sewer bills. The city is trying to help residents with the rising cost of utility expenses. The two main components of the program are discounts and financial assistance, such as a credit on an account.

The city plans to help two groups of people: seniors in Portsmouth and low-income families in a one-time crisis. The financial aid is not intended to be a permanent source of income, but rather it is meant to be temporary and specific. More information about the water bill assistance programs and how Portsmouth residents can get help with paying for sewage costs is provided below.

Discounts are provided to families with a total household income below 200% of the poverty line set by the federal government. There is an application process in place that considers a household’s total income and savings. The number of people in the home or apartment will be considered when determining the amount of the benefit.

A household will be able to receive a discount if their income is higher and if they have a larger number of people that are legal residents on their home. This means that the amount customers pay for their water will be based on how much they use. A family of five may be eligible for the credit if their annual income is around $60,000, although the requirements can vary from year to year.

If you are eligible, your family may be able to get a 25% discount on your water bill and monthly sewer costs. This is a time-limited opportunity to save money, either by increasing income or by installing conservation measures such as low-flow toilets or other updates.

The discount can be significant. If a family has five members, they can save up to $570 per year based on the city of Portsmouth’s guidelines. If you live alone, you may be able to get a discount on your water bill. The amount of the discount will vary based on many factors, but there are definitely discounts to be had.

Many older adults in Portsmouth who live on a set income, like a retirement fund or social security, can get help from this discount. One way to prevent your account from being shut off is to make a payment arrangement with your service provider.

Another option is to get financial assistance for a short period of time. A cash grant will be given to families in Portsmouth who have low incomes. This is a temporary fix, money is tight, and help is given out to those who need it and ask for it first.

If someone is experiencing a crisis that they did not cause, such as the death of a family member, illness, or unexpected job loss, then they may be eligible for emergency aid. This means that a company or government will temporarily lower the price of a good or service, or give a person a one-time payment of a few hundred dollars. Any money will go directly to the bill that is due, and the applicant will not be given cash.

Applications for whatever city need to be completed. In order to receive assistance from the city, you must be able to provide proof that you are unable to support yourself financially. The city will verify this information through tax records and other forms of documentation. For more information, call 757-393-8524.

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