Programs from Jefferson County Community Action Council.

The objectives of the Community Action Council of Jefferson County Ohio include improving housing conditions and helping people become self-sufficient. If you are a low-income family in need of housing assistance, a case manager may be able to help connect you with programs that can help. Other programs that can help with energy costs include the Home Energy Assistance Program, as well as job training from the Workforce Investment Act.

The non-profit will do its best to help the Steubenville community, even though it has limited resources. If Jefferson County Community Action Council can’t help with your issue, they may be able to refer you to another local organization that can help.

Programs for rent and housing needs

The Emergency Homeless Program can help people with paying rent, mortgages and other housing needs. The goal of this Jefferson County Community Action Council program is to help families with their immediate needs related to homelessness or the risk of homelessness.

After a security deposit, first month’s rent or other fees are paid, the CAC case managers explore available options for solving the client’s underlying problems. The work with the family to prevent them from being evicted and to avoid it happening again. This is usually done by connecting with other social service agencies or programs, such as the Community Action job training. The coordinator will work with area sources to provide transitional housing if needed, and will also look for affordable long-term housing.

CAC has built strong relationships with multiple landlords who manage low income apartments in the area. They are willing to provide shelter for customers and accept rental costs from non-profit organizations.

There is also help available for other housing needs like paying utility bills, finding a job, and health check-ups. Any Jefferson County resident who is about to be evicted or homeless and has a low income is considered an appropriate referral to the Emergency Homeless Program.

There is more help available for housing in this area. The Supportive Housing Program provides case management services through the community action Self Sufficiency Assurance Team. The resources that the team provides are based on referrals from agencies that have been partnering with the team for a long time. Most of these agencies are connected to the local Coalition for the Homeless.

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Homeless families and individuals can get help with paying their security deposit, rent, and heating bills. Loans can help with some of the financial burden. There are also emergency supplies of free food, clothing, furniture, appliances, and other items needed when moving into a new apartment or home. The community action agency may also offer child care, outpatient health services, and limited transportation.

The Jefferson County Community Action Agency Council offers a monthly mortgage assistance program to help prevent foreclosures. They can provide emergency financial assistance in the form of low interest loans to applicants facing foreclosure, but the amount of money they can give is limited. If you are eligible for the program, you may get help with your mortgage payments, utility bills, and/or past-due property taxes.

The maximum time period for assistance is a few months. Some residents may receive a designated amount of money as a grant. The funds will always be paid directly to the creditor, such as utility company, bank, or Jefferson County Treasurer.

The HUD provides a yearly grant to CAC’s Shelter Plus Care Program. This program helps people who are homeless and have mental illness or other disabilities. This will help pay for rental vouchers for dozens of homeless individuals or families who are dealing with disabilities. Housing is also available for people with mental illness, substance abuse, AIDS, or AIDS-related diseases.

This state of Ohio and federal program is different from other permanent supportive housing projects because it is designed to be led by the people who will be using it. An example would be if someone was low income and they were able to choose where they lived, they could choose a low income place to live. The organization provides a safe place to live and intensive supportive services to help people become self-sufficient.

Energy programs in Steubenville and Jefferson County Ohio

The Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) provides utility bill assistance to residents of Jefferson County, Ohio. This program provides financial assistance to eligible low-income residents who are struggling to pay for high home-heating costs.

The HEAP program provides a one-time grant payment to most customers of PUCO-regulated utilities, based on their usage during the current winter heating season. If you do not have a utility bill in your name, you will be issued a credit or vouchers for your account. If someone in your household is disabled or a senior citizen, you may qualify for more assistance, which is paid for with a combination of federal and state funds.

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The Winter Crisis Program is a special part of HEAP that helps people pay for their heating bills. This program is designed to help low-income families with children under the age of five. It provides services such as early childhood education, health screenings, and home visiting. The WCP provides heating and gas bill assistance for eligible households who are in danger of having their service disconnected or running out of bulk fuel. The HEAP Summer Cooling Program provides financial assistance to eligible households to help pay for air conditioning or electric bills. This will provide free air conditioners or fans to anyone with a severe breathing condition in addition to that.

The Jefferson County Community Action Council Home Weatherization Assistance Program is a program that helps low-income families make their homes more energy-efficient. The program is run by a non-profit organization. The goal of the organization is to make houses more energy efficient, especially for low-income and elderly residents. Our company provides a variety of services to help insulate your home, such as blowing cellulose into side walls, insulating attics, caulking windows and doors, and taking any other practical measures to minimize or eliminate cold air infiltration.

Other assistance that is provided under this program includes repairing or replacing furnaces. Eligibility for this aid is based on income as well as other conditions. Homeowners and renters may both be qualified. The program is available at no cost to qualifying individuals, with priority given to low-income, elderly, and disabled citizens.

Community Action Council job and educational resources

The Workforce Investment Act is an employment program that helps people who are unemployed. It can help them with getting a job that is not supported by government funding. Many people will also improve their work benefits.

The WIA and Community Action Council staff use the resources of the One-Stop Center, Agency and One-Stop Partners to help achieve their goal. The Senior Community Service Employment Program helps residents over the age of 60 find employment.

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A client may progress through different programs in order to achieve the desired goal. The Core Services may include self-directed job searches, which means that you can look for jobs on your own. The next step is to provide intensive services, which will include career planning, specialized assessments for interests and aptitudes, counseling, or case management. Lastly, job training services are available to help individuals learn the skills they need to be successful in the workforce.

The WIA program can only be used by clients after they have used up all other sources of non-repayable financial aid or loans. This means that the government will cover the cost of any additional training you may need, including tuition, books, and equipment. They will also provide additional services as needed, such as transportation stipends or child care subsidies.

The Jefferson County Summer Youth Program is another option for summer fun. This gives low-income residents aged 16 through 24 who are eligible for TANF the opportunity to work. While earning a paycheck, clients also build a work history, gain valuable work experience, and earn a positive reference from an employer.

Head Start is a program that works with communities to provide educational opportunities for children. The Jefferson County Community Action Council and the teachers will offer various health care services, including medical, dental, mental health, and nutritional services. These are provided by trained staff, with at least one free hot meal and a snack served.

Each child’s education is tailored to their individual needs. Social Services can help parents in many ways. They can provide resources, support, and information to help parents with their children. Social Services can also help parents find services that they need, such as child care or respite care. The staff will help the family by connecting with other organizations that provide services to the community. Jefferson County is located in the state of Missouri.

The Jefferson County Community Action Council’s main office is at 114 North Fourth Street in Steubenville, Ohio. Call the center at 740-282-0971 to speak to someone.

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