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Providence area Rhode Island Catholic Charities assistance programs.

Catholic Charities is an organization that provides social services to people in the Providence County area of Rhode Island. They offer services such as food assistance, housing assistance, and help with job placement. The agency will try its best to help those in need who are unemployed, have a low income, or are working poor. There are many organizations that can help with things like heating bills, food, fuel, etc. in an emergency situation.

Many people in the community have gone to their local church, many of which are a part of Catholic Charities, for emergency support. They offer financial assistance to help with life’s basic needs. Some of the resources available in Providence are: -The Providence Public Library -The Rhode Island School of Design Museum -The Providence Athenaeum -The WaterFire art installation -The Rhode Island State House -The Roger Williams Zoo -The Providence Performing Arts Center

Catholic Charities programs for helping with heating, utility, and fuel bills

This program helps people with their heating bills. The Catholic Charity Archdiocese of Providence Rhode Island partners with other charities and non-profit organizations to provide this assistance. People who are struggling to pay their heating bills can get financial assistance from the government or other organizations. This program is for families who have no other options left and have used up all other resources from the government and private sector.

Catholic Charities provides assistance to those who have nowhere else to turn for help with heating bills. The Keep the Heat On program is supported by many churches, individuals, and members of the community. Please call 401/421-7833 for more information and to fill out an application.

Catholic Charities and the Salvation Army also partner to provide the Good Neighbor Energy Fund in Providence County. This fund helps low-income families with their energy bills. This heating bill assistance program is a joint effort by electric and natural gas companies and other non-profit organizations that provides help to people across the state. This resource is available to anyone in Rhode Island who cannot pay their energy bill for one month because of a financial crisis. This assistance is only available to people who do not qualify for or receive other non-profit or government energy assistance funds. Call 401-831-1119.

The RISEO Emergency Fuel Program provides assistance to households in crisis. Catholic Charities can help people sign up for government assistance programs. The organization can give money to people who are having trouble paying for energy during winter or any other time. If a household needs help and their fuel tank is empty or near empty, they may need to submit an application. If you are in the Providence area and are looking for help from a Catholic Charity, you can call 401-574-9003.

Other utility bill assistance programs in Rhode Island can be found through Catholic Charities. There are a number of ways to make your energy bills more affordable. You can learn about payment plans, free conservation measures, and grants that can help you pay your bills. If case workers are available, they may be able to help you with this process, as well as learning about any financial assistance that may be available from Rhode Island utility companies.

Catholic Charity emergency help, food and social services in Providence

A variety of social services are available to those who are most vulnerable, including seniors and children from low-income families. The Providence Diocesan Social Ministry Office provides assistance to people in need. The office can be reached at 401-421-7833, and case managers will help connect people to appropriate assistance programs. There are resources available for people who are unemployed or struggling. Some options for homeless Providence Rhode Islanders include free bus tickets and an overflow shelter.

There are food pantries located at various churches and Catholic Charities across Providence County, Rhode Island. There are several places people can go to for help, including the following:

The phone number is (401) 421-6816. There are many food pantries in Rhode Island that people in need can go to. Some of these food pantries are the West Warwick Satellite (OCS), the Wakefield Satellite (OCS), St. Edward/ St. Anthony Food Locker, St. Teresa, Saint Charles Food Locker in Woonsocket Rhode Island, BV Emergency Food Center, and St. Elizabeth in Bristol, RI. The phone number for the Open Table of Christ Church food pantry is (401) 421-6816. The number to call is (401)941-2212.

There are also soup kitchens and places where you can get free meals in this area. If you are in need of a hot meal, there are soup kitchens near you that can help.

The Cathedral of St. John’s is an Episcopal church in Providence, Rhode Island. The Hospitality House Soup Kitchen is a soup kitchen in Pawtucket, Rhode Island that provides meals for the homeless.

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