Assistance Program

Redwood County assistance programs.

The Western Community Action organization provides financial assistance to people in need of help with rent, utility bills, and other essential services. More information on the programs and resources offered can be found below. for more information about their services To find out more about Western Community Action, Inc.’s services, please contact them. To reach Marshall Public Schools, dial (507) 537-1416. The school is located in Marshall, Minnesota.

are designed to help low-income families pay their utility bills and make their homes more energy efficient. Both the Weatherization Program and the Energy Assistance Program of Western Community Action, Inc. are designed to help low-income families in different ways. The Weatherization Program helps make homes more energy efficient, while the Energy Assistance Program helps families pay their utility bills. This program provides energy saving improvements, home heating assistance and grants for paying heating and utility bills, crisis prevention, energy-related home repairs, energy conservation, emergency and crisis grants and assistance and referrals to other government programs and services. You may be eligible for assistance if your household income and home heating costs are low. The assistance program can help homeowners set up payment plans with their suppliers. Weatherization is a process through which a home is made more energy-efficient. This is typically done by making improvements to the home’s insulation, caulking, and furnace tuning. These improvements can save the homeowner money on their energy bills.

A rehabilitation/accessibility loan is a loan with low or no interest that does not have to be paid back until you sell, transfer, or move from the property or home. The money needs to be used to fix or improve your home. This loan is due and payable on the 30th year.

This means that there is a central point where you can go to get help with different types of problems. There are people there who can help you with things like getting a job, housing, and other services you may need. It involves working with other providers to make sure people have what they need to survive and thrive, including teaching life skills and self-sufficiency, providing money management education, and offering culturally appropriate services.

Transitional Housing Services can help with rent or mortgage payments, as well as provide other assistance, such as job search resources and help with getting government benefits. If you are in danger of becoming homeless, or are currently homeless, Transitional Housing Services can help. They can assist with rent or mortgage payments, and also provide other support, such as resources for finding a job and getting government benefits. The program provides applicants with assistance in finding and moving into suitable housing, free counseling and advice on tenant rights and responsibilities, rental and mortgage foreclosure assistance, and cash grants. Other ways to get mortgage help are also available. Also, counselors and specialists will help renters or homeowners by talking to their landlords and property managers.

For more information on these or other services, please explore the Western Community Action Agency programs.

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