Referrals and services from People’s Resource Center.

If you are experiencing a difficult situation and live in DuPage County, People’s Resource Center may be able to help you. The agency will provide several programs to help people in an emergency. This means that while you are receiving income assistance, you may also be eligible for help with your rent or mortgage. Other solutions may include providing free food, funds to pay utility bills, and case management.

The center offers services to help clients find a job, receive computer training, and access Adult Learning and Literacy classes. This means that DuPage County residents may be able to receive both short-term and long-term financial assistance.

Funds for paying bills in a crisis

There is a limited amount of financial assistance available for DuPage County residents who face unforeseen hardships. Much of this assistance comes from referrals. If someone is unable to cover basic expenses like transportation or utilities, or has faced sudden unemployment or illness, they may qualify for help from certain programs.

The People’s Resource Center employs trained social service staff and volunteers who collaborate closely with eligible clients to accurately assess their needs and financial eligibility. If you do well in the first interview and meet the basic requirements, you will move on to another, more detailed interview. Clients will need to provide supporting documents to show that they are experiencing financial hardship.

The emergency assistance program provides individuals in DuPage County with resources and services offered by local non-profit organizations. Some clients may be associated with local churches or charities. Please be aware that all services are subject to funding availability at the time of application, and any financial assistance provided by PRC or its partners will be in the form of gift cards or direct payments to a service provider, such as a landlord. To get an application or more information, please call 630-682-5402.

One time rent and mortgage assistance is available for eligible clients who need help. The money is for people who can’t afford to pay their rent or mortgage. Some organizations offer grants to help people pay their security deposits when they are going through a tough financial time.

The housing program is designed to help families or single parents who are struggling financially to avoid becoming homeless. To be eligible, clients must be current or prospective DuPage County residents who are obligated to pay rent or a mortgage. This means that if the PRC does not have enough money, the programs it offers will be reduced or cut off entirely.

If someone does not qualify for help or there is not enough funding, the People’s Resource Center will give that person a referral to another place that might be able to help. The Emergency Financial Assistance Program makes payments directly to the landlord, bank or mortgage provider on behalf of the tenant.

People’s Resource Center job training and placement

The PRC Employment and Job Assistance Program helps unemployed DuPage County residents with both finding and keeping jobs. When you first join the program, you will go through an orientation where you will learn about all the different services we offer, including job coaching, workshops, career counseling, and the non-profit Career Resource Center.

There are a number of volunteer job coaches who are trained to teach essential job-search skills, like creating a cover letter and resume, completing a job application, conducting Internet job searches, improving interview skills, as well as finding job leads.

In addition, the Job Assistance service offers monthly Lunch and Learn sessions in certain local cities, including Westmont and Wheaton. At these networking sessions, job seekers have the opportunity to meet with each other and with industry and HR professionals to learn more about opportunities in their field. This gives people a way to communicate with each other, exchange ideas, and provide emotional support. You can make a reservation by calling 630-682-5402, extension 333.

The Adult Literacy and Learning program offers classes in various subjects to help students improve their skills. These subjects include math, English, reading, GED preparation, and citizenship test preparation. The courses offered by the PRC are designed to be taught in a variety of ways, including large-group, one-on-one, and small-group settings.

There is also formal tutoring available for students of all levels in DuPage County. After meeting with staff, students are either assigned a tutor or placed into a class. The non-profit PRC does its best to make sure students get into the courses they request, but there might be a waitlist for some classes.

Computers are available for free due to a partnership with Microsoft. The agency is a Registered Refurbisher, so they take donated computers, fix them up, and give them to low-income county residents or students who need a home computer but can’t afford one. The Dr. Fix-It Program provides clients with free home computer repair services.

Courses to teach adults in DuPage county various computer skills and software programs are offered at different locations throughout the county. The courses are seven weeks long and 90 minutes per session. If you take a basic computer class, you can get a free computer.

Food and free clothing in DuPage County

The PRC Food Bank provides free groceries and canned goods to low-income residents of DuPage County. This means that instead of people receiving pre-packed bags or boxes, they will choose what they want themselves. The pantry has a lot of food like meats, vegetables, milk products, canned foods, breads, and things you would need to keep your house running.

Client visits are limited to one per month per household. The amount of food given to each family depends on the size of the family and if they have any special needs. Volunteers at the food pantry can help answer any questions you might have, greet clients, explain how the pantry services work, and even help bag and carry out your selections. Naperville Road, Wheaton, IL 60187. There are two locations for the DuPage County Pantry: 649 Blackhawk in Westmont, IL and 201 S. Naperville Road in Wheaton, IL. These locations are convenient for DuPage County clients. Naperville Road, Wheaton, Illinois 60187.

The People’s Resource Center has a clothing closet that can help people with their basic needs. Family members who are clients are able to shop in the free, gently used Clothes Closet once a month. The center will have a variety of clothes for different seasons for men, women, students and children. All the clothing, including backpacks, shoes, winter coats, and other goods, come from donations from the community.

If you would like to learn more about the services offered by People’s Resource Center, you can reach them by phone at 630-682-5402. This means that they will give you the contact information for other organizations that may be able to help you. The center is located on Chestnut Street in Westmont, Illinois.

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