Rent and security deposit assistance Sumter County South Carolina.

There are several agencies in Sumter County that can help with housing, whether it’s paying rent or a security deposit, or providing assistance for homeownership. Some agencies also offer Section 8 HUD vouchers. There are many different types of agencies in the Sumter, South Carolina region that can help with emergency rental assistance, including charities, government organizations, non-profits, and churches.

Since Sumter County is a smaller region, some of the rent, homeless shelters and housing programs encompass the entire county. This is an example of a non-profit organization called Wateree Community Actions Inc. Some other non-profits also support different areas. This means that it may be more difficult to get help with rent, as not only may travel be needed but the applicant may also need to be placed on a waiting list. People are given referrals to other doctors when they need to see someone for a specialty that their current doctor can’t help them with.

Even if you are struggling financially, there are still places you can go to for help. There are programs that offer financial aid, loans, and assistance with rent, deposits, and even utility bills. This means that programs are provided to those who need them the most, based on income and other factors. If funds are not offered, residents can learn about other resources.

Wateree Community Actions is an organization that provides resources and support to low-income families in Sumter, South Carolina. They offer a variety of services such as job training, financial assistance, and access to community resources. The non-profit has information on government grants, some of which may be for rent or utility assistance. The also offer budgeting classes which can help low income tenants, information on affordable apartments, and referrals to charities for rent, deposits, no interest loans and more. If you need help paying your water bill, Wateree can assist you.

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For example, they have a meals program, Soup Kitchen, which feeds the hungry. Another program is the Salvation Army, which provides clothing and furniture to people in need. They also have a Christmas program where they give presents to children who otherwise wouldn’t have any. Finally, they have a food pantry where people can come and get food for their families. The Salvation Army is a church that helps people in need. They have a program that gives food to people who are hungry, and another program that gives clothes and furniture to people who need them. They also have a Christmas program where they give presents to children who wouldn’t have any otherwise. And they have a food pantry where people can come and get food for their families. Some of the things that the organization provides are a homeless shelter, help with rent or electric bills, low cost furniture, mortgage assistance, firewood, and more. The rent help that charities receive comes from homeless prevention.

The Housing Authority of Sumter is a government organization that provides housing assistance to low-income individuals and families. They offer a variety of programs, including HUD section 8 vouchers and low-income apartments. For more information, you can visit their website or call their office at (803) 775-4357. The majority of aid is given to families who have a low income, seniors, and people who are disabled.

They have a phone number for free legal aid that is 1-800-395-3425 The organization assists minorities or immigrants who are facing housing discrimination and provides resources to help tenants avoid eviction.

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Sumter United Ministries Emergency Shelter is a homeless shelter located at 320 W Oakland Ave in Sumter, SC. If you would like to speak to someone, please call (803) 775-0024. Guests may be given food, clothes, and a place to stay for a short time.

The YWCALocation is a crisis shelter that offers youth development programs, including for single mothers. It is located at 246 Church St in Sumter, South Carolina, and can be reached by phone at (803) 773-7158.

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