Food Pantries

Rent and utility help as well as food from Broad Street Presbyterian Church.

Broad Street Presbyterian Church partners with other religious organizations to help low income families, the homeless and working poor. The main resources available are ones that prevent homelessness, a legal clinic, free food, and day care. Different programs offer different types of assistance, but some programs may offer emergency cash assistance for expenses such as rent or groceries.

The church and COMPASS offer rent assistance and other homeless prevention services. These partners cooperate with each other and with other charities to assist families who are in danger of being evicted. There may also be financial support available for currently homeless individuals in Columbus Ohio, such as for paying first months rent or a security deposit.

Broad Street and COMPASS help people who are about to be evicted and prevent them from becoming homeless. This could enable Franklin County families to keep their homes or apartments. This means that people who have a low income can get help with paying for part of their rent or utility bills. If the resources can’t help, then COMPASS can refer families to other agencies that might be able to help them. There is no guarantee that this charity or any other agency will provide assistance.

All of the services offered are meant to help those who are struggling with housing or are underemployed. An applicant can only seek help with rent or utilities from Broad Street Presbyterian Church once a year. Churches usually only provide financial assistance to people who are already struggling to pay their bills, and not to people who have already defaulted on their payments.

COMPASS also offers benefit bank counseling and referrals. The residents of Franklin County can get detailed information about the social services offered in the county from the official website. This means that you can register for SNAP food stamps or ODJFS applications, but there may be other things you can do as well.

The Neighbor to Neighbor program can help with additional energy bills. This service is only for AEP customers. A cash grant may be offered to those facing a crisis and that qualify.

Broad St. Infant and Toddler Center runs an affordable day care. This means that the amount you pay for services will be based on how much money you make. If you are working or in job training, you will get a discount. This means that the client should be working towards being able to support themselves without assistance. The Columbus Early Learning Center also offers this program.

The Third Thursday Legal Clinic provides additional support for people who need it. This service is available from a network of legal clinics that are open to people of all faiths. The organization is closely associated with the church and works closely with the Legal Aid Society of Columbus Ohio. The clinic only offers free legal advice once per month.

The clinic is for people who have very little money or who are old and qualify for free legal help. Lawyers and paralegals are available during the sessions to talk to clients about legal problems. They can help with things like getting people out of their homes, consumer rights, dealing with debt collectors, and domestic issues.

The lawyers of Broad Street Presbyterian Church provide free services to the public in order to help them with any civil legal issues they may have. Clients who need more extensive services or representation are sometimes referred to Legal Aid Society of Columbus or other pro-bono organizations where they can get more comprehensive help.

The Broad Street Church Afterschool program provides after-school programming for students in kindergarten through 12th grade. When a student from Franklin County first enters the charities program, staff will give them a test to see how good they are at reading and math. They will make a program that helps the student with academics and also gives them a chance to improve their skills.

Other assistance that the school provides includes a snack, help with homework, and sometimes even a meal. The Children’s Hunger Alliance and the Mid-Ohio Food Bank are key partners in the food distribution system. They help to get food to the people who need it most. There are also computers that are donated by Nationwide Children’s Hospital that help with online sessions and other opportunities. This can help them improve their math and reading skills.

A food pantry is a place where people in need can go to get food. Broad Street Presbyterian Church and COMPASS are committed to helping families have enough nutritious groceries and food to feed themselves and their families. The services at this food pantry can help people save money on groceries so they can pay for other essentials like rent, utilities, mortgage, or heat.

The pantry might contain fresh produce, fruits, or vegetables. Case managers also offer education on nutrition to help people improve their health. There are also many free programs to help with health and wellbeing. There may also be snacks for students during the summer or school vacations in addition to all of that.

Broad Street Presbyterian Church can help families in poverty by providing them with resources and support. The main address is 760 East Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio. To reach someone by phone, dial 614 221-6552.

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