Rent Assistance

Rent assistance in Indianapolis and Marion County.

There are many organizations that offer emergency rental assistance to those in need. Churches, charities, and government resources can all help with providing housing options and help with rent. Section 8 HUD vouchers can also be a great resource for those struggling to pay rent. There are also many low cost apartments that can be a good option for those in need of housing. The programs help families in Indianapolis and Marion County Indiana who are struggling to pay their monthly housing expenses, including security deposits, utilities, storage fees or back rent, to avoid eviction.

Look up how to apply for various financial aid programs offered by the government or charities. The resources available can help with rent or security deposits, and tenants may be given grants or loans. Many low-income families in Marion County are also provided with free legal aid in regards to housing court. There are a number of programs that can help you pay your rent if you’re behind, including programs offered by the state of Indiana, the federal government, your town, churches, and local regional non-profits.

There are many local programs in Marion County that can help with rent. Each town and county in Indiana is required by state law to have this information available. The programs are responsible for providing services to residents in unincorporated areas of the state. The services include but are not limited to: fire protection, street lighting, road maintenance, and snow removal. The eligibility requirements and amount of funding available for each housing and rental assistance program administered in the Indianapolis area vary. You have many choices.

Agencies in Marion County to get help with rent or deposits

If you are part of the Latino/Hispanic community in Indianapolis and are in need of financial assistance, you can contact La Plaza. The non-profit provides a lot of help and services to people who have low incomes. This organization provides many services to low-income families, including giving advice about housing, helping with rent and energy bills, giving counseling, and finding jobs. They also advocate for these families and make sure they are doing okay. If the agency has money available, people who qualify for help can apply for financial assistance to pay rent, mortgage, housing expenses, and other bills. The number 890-3292 can be pronounced as “eight nine zero three two nine two”.

The Southeast Community Centers may only have rent assistance, immediate housing resources, and other support for a limited area. This non-profit center can offer financial assistance to individuals who live within these boundaries: N-Washington St.; S-Thompson Rd.; E-Post Rd.; W-I-65 of the city. Some funding may be for expenses like rent or utilities that can’t be put off. The address is 901 South Shelby Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46203. To reach the customer service line for the company, dial (317) 236-7400.

Christ Church Cathedral will pay up to $50 towards housing or rent assistance for the first ten qualified individuals who apply.

The Hawthorne Community Center manages the Center for Working Families. The non-profit is located at 70 North Mount Street in Indianapolis, Indiana. To get information on grants and rent assistance, call (317) 637-4312. Other support may be provided, such as referrals.

Key Street The Brightwood Community Center is a community center that serves the area around 2410 N. Key Street. The address is Station St, Indianapolis, Indiana 46218. There is not a lot of money available to help people pay their rent. The job requires certain qualifications. To learn about rent help or other aid, you can call (317) 546-8200.

The Martin Luther King Community Center may be able to help you with rent assistance or low income housing if you live within certain boundaries. Some clients are given a loan to help pay for their rent, depending on their financial and employment situation. The agency has its headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana, at 40 West 40th Street. The number to call for intake is 317-923-4581.

The Community Alliance of the Far Eastside is a group that is dedicated to improving the lives of those who live on the far east side of Indianapolis. They can be contacted at (317) 890-3288. If you are a low-income resident living in the designated area, you can apply for assessment, referrals to non-profits and community action agencies, outreach, information, advocacy, and additional follow-up services.

The John Boner Neighborhood Center is located on the near East side of Indianapolis. The address is 2236 East 10th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46201. Get help with managing your case, paying rent (when funds are available), getting free furniture, and finding affordable apartments. To reach customer service, please call 317-633-8210.

The Indianapolis branch of Indiana Legal Services helps people who don’t have a lot of money with civil matters. The other service is a drop-in center that helps people with job search, resume writing, and provides other resources. One service helps people with housing issues and provides free legal aid to help families meet their basic needs. The other service is a drop-in center that helps people with job search, resume writing, and provides other resources. This means that if you are facing eviction, have delinquent rent, or are living in unsafe housing, you may be eligible for assistance. Lawyers can also help people apply for section 8 housing vouchers and other benefits. The phone number is 632-5764.

The Plaza provides housing assistance to the Hispanic and Latino community in Marion County, including help with discrimination issues. Call the number (317) 890-3292. Emergency assistance, in the form of loans, may be offered to help cover rent, mortgage, utility bills, or security deposits. This service is only available to qualified residents who meet the funding criteria. The address of the location is 8902 East 38th Street.

The Concord Center Association is a social service agency that provides a variety of services to its community. Some organizations may offer emergency rent assistance, vouchers for motels, food, and other basic needs around housing. The main office is located in Indianapolis, Indiana at 1310 South Meridian Street. Call (317) 637-4376. The non-profit’s boundaries are N-Washington St., S-Thompson Rd., E-I-65, and W-White River.

The Community Services Department provides housing and rent assistance to people in Marion County and Indianapolis. The phone number is three one seven, nine two six, four three five seven. The main program offered by the organization is the Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program. This program provides financial assistance for moving expenses, security deposits, and up to 18 months of rent. This is where a support worker will liaise with other agencies on your behalf to make sure you’re getting the help you need. Case management involves working with a support worker to coordinate with other agencies to ensure that you are receiving the assistance you need. Community action agencies in Marion County provide services and assistance to low-income residents. Services may include food assistance, housing assistance, and job training. Community action agencies work to empower low-income residents and help them move out of poverty.

The Flanner House of Indianapolis is a building that helps cover the near west side of Indianapolis. The Center for Working Families is a place where people can go to get help with things like paying rent, getting housing, and other resources. They have things like applications for free government or charitable grants, and also help with things like LIHEAP and transitional housing. The office is on Doctor Martin Luther King Junior Street in Indianapolis. If you are a tenant who is struggling or homeless, you can call 317-925-4231 for help with rent or security deposits, moving assistance, and more.

The Fay Biccard Glick Neighborhood Center at Crooked Creek can help you with things like finding a place to live, money management, and connect you with local resources. There may be government programs available to help with rent payments. Try researching online or contacting your local government office for more information. If someone is struggling to pay for their monthly rent, mortgage, or utility bills, and there is money available, they may be able to get help from a low income or crisis fund.

Hoosier Veterans Assistance Foundation provides financial aid to veterans and their families in need from the SSVFP. This can include help with rent and other bills. Assistance is available to help prevent homelessness and to secure housing, including government grants, assistance with deposit or lease application fees, and other aid.

HVAF provides apartments, low income housing, emergency rental support, motel vouchers, and loans for paying bills. If someone is homeless, there are also places that can help them. The Supportive Services For Veteran Families program provides rent and security deposit assistance, as well as other benefits. The agency is on North Pennsylvania Street in Indianapolis, Indiana. Call 317-951-0688. The SSVF program provides Veterans and their families with a range of services to help them obtain and maintain housing stability. These services include: housing search and placement assistance, financial assistance and budgeting counseling, and help with accessing VA and other benefits.

People who live in the Stringtown area of Indianapolis can apply for help with their rent. (20 mi. SE of Auburn); W-Hwy. 18 (5 mi. W of North Bend). The programs cover people who live within the following boundaries: North-Michigan Street; South-Washington Street; East-White River Parkway (20 miles southeast of Auburn); West-Highway 18 (5 miles west of North Bend). To reach the customer service line for the company, dial (317) 631-5504.

The Harbor Light Center provides people in need with temporary housing, food, and other necessary resources, as well as case management services. If you find an apartment that you can afford on your low income, ask the staff if they know of any programs or grants that can help you pay for your first month’s rent. The phone number is (317) 972-1450.

The Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic, which is located at 3333 North Meridian Street, can help with housing issues in Marion County. They offer free legal consultation and representation for landlord / tenant mediation, public benefits disputes (including section 8 vouchers) and eviction notices. People with low incomes, no jobs, and seniors may all get help. To contact someone by phone, dial their number. In this case, the number to dial is (317) 429-4131.

The American Legion of Indianapolis provides support for veterans and their families. If you are a veteran with minor children, the non-profit may be able to help you with basic needs like rent, food, clothing, furniture, and medical care. To apply for assistance, call (317) 916-3605 or try (317) 630-1300. There is no guarantee that you will be approved for assistance.

The Marion County Continuum of Care is a group that is focused on ending homelessness. The group works to provide resources and support to those who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. The Continuum of Care also works to educate the community about homelessness and how to prevent and end it. There are resources available to help prevent evictions, including financial assistance for paying rent arrears or legal mediation. Rehousing means finding a new place to live, such as going into a shelter, getting a voucher for a motel, or getting help with utility or rental deposits. If you need help with an eviction in Marion County, there are resources available to assist you.

If you need help with rent, Catholic Charities Indianapolis can pay up to $25 per month. Their office is located at 1435 North Illinois Street in Indianapolis, and you can reach them at (317) 236-1512.

Crisis Centers in Marion County provide a variety of services such as counseling, support groups, and crisis intervention. There are many different types of assistance available to help people who are struggling, including financial assistance, housing assistance, job placement, and more. There are programs that can help people with their housing needs if they are in a crisis, such as being a single mother, sick, or low income. These programs can help with things like utilities, rent, mortgages, and moving costs. If you need help paying your rent, you can contact a Crisis Center for assistance.

The Indianapolis Housing Agency manages the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program, which provides housing assistance to low-income families. The income-based rent subsidy offered by the non-profit, government-affiliated agency allows thousands of low-income families, seniors, and disabled individuals to afford an apartment or home. They also provide information on home-buying programs, public housing, ESG grants and other resources. The address is 1935 N Meridian St, Indianapolis, IN 46202. To reach our office by phone, please call (317) 261-7200.

The Salvation Army in Marion County and Indianapolis can provide financial assistance to low income families and individuals who are in a financial hardship, who are in a short term crisis, or who are facing eviction or disconnection when funds are available.

If you are in an immediate crisis and need help paying your rent, utility bills, or other emergency financial needs, you may be able to get assistance from a government program. The address is 1337 South Shelby Street, Indianapolis, Indiana. Call (317) 632-0156.

Rent help from Marion County Indiana Township Trustees

There are programs in each local town in Marion County that can provide emergency financial aid. This is a way of giving people money who cannot work or do not have enough money to live on. There may be grants available from the government to help with past-due rent, energy bills, or housing costs, to prevent eviction or homelessness. The last resort for the town’s residents are any funds.

The Center Township Trustee is responsible for the rent program in Indianapolis, Indiana. The phone number for the rent program is 317-633-3610.

The Decatur Township Trustee is located at 5410 South High School Road in Indianapolis, Indiana. The phone number is 317-856-6600.

The Franklin Township Trustee is located at 6231 South Arlington Avenue in Indianapolis, IN. The phone number is 780-1700.

If you need help with rent, call 317-890-0011.

The Perry Township Trustee in Marion County can be found at 4925 South Shelby Street in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Trustee can be contacted by phone at 317-788-4815.

This is the address and phone number for the Pike Township Trustee in Marion County, Indiana.

The Warren Township Trustee is located at 501 North Post Road in Indianapolis, IN. They can be reached by phone at 317-327-8947. The Trustee can help with renting or deposits, as well as providing information on shelters.

The Washington Township Trustee in Marion County, Indiana, provides rental assistance programs for residents. To learn more about these programs, call 317-327-8800.

The Wayne Township Trustee is responsible for managing the township’s finances and property. The trustee is elected to a four-year term by the township residents.

The Clay Township Trustee is responsible for managing the township’s finances and property. The trustee also provides assistance to residents with questions or concerns about township matters. The trustee’s office is located at 10701 North College Avenue, Suite B, and the telephone number is (317) 846-2773.

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