Rent assistance in Lake County Indiana.

There are programs that can help with rental assistance, grants for security deposits, or low income housing in Lake County and Hammond Indiana. If you’re facing eviction, need money for a security deposit, or just need a safe and affordable place to live, there are resources available to help you. There are organizations that can help you with rent if you are struggling. These include charities, churches, and government agencies. There are organizations that can help you find free or discounted motel or hotel vouchers, section 8 housing, and lawyers to help you with eviction prevention.

Call any of the following organizations for housing and financial assistance: -Habitat for Humanity -The Salvation Army -United Way -Your local church or place of worship Many Lake County agencies can help you with grants for rent or a deposit. The programs are focused on helping those who are struggling financially, have children, are senior citizens, or have a disability.

If you are a tenant struggling to pay rent or facing eviction, you can call the government to see if you qualify for any type of financial assistance. If an organization is not able to help a struggling renter, they can often give them information about other charities or government programs that might be able to help, such as section 8 housing vouchers.

Catholic Family Services provides a variety of social services to help families in need. These services include things like food and clothing assistance, financial counseling, and more. By helping families in these ways, Catholic Family Services is able to make a difference in their lives and help them get back on their feet. The address is 6919 Indianapolis Blvd, Hammond, Indiana 46324. The main phone number to call for help is (219) 844-4883. There is another office in Gary, which is noted below. The organization may have some emergency funds available for rent if the applicant has an eviction notice, regardless of their religious beliefs. Case management, counseling, and referral services are available to families in Lake County.

In addition to financial help for bills or back rent, low income families may also be given free furniture. The Gary location can be found at 940 Broadway, Gary, IN 46402. The phone number to dial for this location is (219) 886-3549. If you need help paying your rent, Gary Catholic Charities can help.

The North Township Trustee, Hammond Office is a government office that is only for residents of the town. The address is 5947 Hohman Avenue, Hammond, Indiana 46320. The phone number for the office is (219) 932-2530. Residents of the town can get help with things like housing, energy, and rent. Some clients may be given a loan with a low interest rate to help pay for their rent or other bills.

The Lake County Community Economic Development Department helps people buy homes, repair homes, and access government grants. The primary place of business for this company is located at 2293 North Main Street in Crown Point, Indiana. There are programs that can help you either find low income housing or prevent evictions. The phone number is 219-755-3225.

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The East Chicago Office is another local government agency in North Township. If you need welfare, emergency rental assistance, food, medical help, or anything else, go to 2105 Broadway, East Chicago, IN 46312. They only help those who live in the town and who have financial or housing difficulties. The telephone number is 219-398-2435. The telephone number for Northwest Indiana Community Action Agency’s office in Lake County is 219-398-2435. There may be emergency rent help or funds for utility bills available from the government. There is also information on budgeting, job placement, and permanent housing. The Native Women’s Association of Canada may offer many resources, along with rental assistance programs or no cost loans. Services are targeted at low-income families, children, the unemployed, and the disabled. The Salvation Army of Lake County, Indiana provides a number of social services and financial assistance programs to low-income families, children, the unemployed, and the disabled. These services are designed to help those in need to improve their circumstances and achieve greater self-sufficiency. Some of the ways that the government can help low-income families are by providing housing, giving money for deposits (for utilities or security), preventing evictions, and helping with rent. Other forms of aid for homeless people include emergency shelters and vouchers for motel/hotel rooms. The address of the Munster, Indiana branch of the company is 8225 Columbia Avenue. Please call the number provided for more information on locations. Pick up the phone and dial (219) 398-2939. There may be housing solutions available, such as very limited rent, shelter, or information on local non-profit loans programs. Other aid can include transitional housing, which helps people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless to transition into stable, permanent housing. Transitional housing typically provides temporary, furnished housing for a limited period of time, along with supportive services like case management, counseling, and access to job training and job search assistance. The PHA is responsible for administering the Lake County Indiana Public Housing Authorities. There may also be services to help with buying a home, or with paying a mortgage or monthly rent. The Lake County PHA operates income-based apartments and self-sufficiency programs. The Hammond Housing Authority is a government organization that provides housing assistance to qualifying individuals and families in the city of Hammond, Indiana. The Authority is located at 1402 – 173rd Street and can be reached by phone at (219) 989-3265. This office deals with both local and federal government housing programs, for example section 8 housing vouchers. The vouchers will help families who are struggling to afford housing that is safe and clean. The Gary Housing Authority is another organization that can help families in need, and is located at 578 Broadway in Gary, Indiana. If you are income eligible, and you are looking for a housing unit with a rent that you can afford, you can contact them at (219) 883-0387. The address is 3625 Pulaski Street, East Chicago, Indiana, 46312. The telephone number is (219) 397 – 9337. Public housing and homeless prevention are both offered by the government. The location is 4920 Larkspur St. in East Chicago, IN. The phone number is (219) 397-9974. is a private, non-profit corporation that has been providing quality social services to the citizens of Tangipahoa Parish for over four decades. This private, non-profit corporation has been providing quality social services to the citizens of Tangipahoa Parish for over four decades. It provides housing, food, clothing and other services to the community. The Salvation Army is a nonprofit that helps those in need by providing housing, food, clothing, and other services. The phone number for the office is (219) 932-4800. The local community action agency helps people become self-sufficient and provides long-term assistance. The COC is a network of organizations that provides rental assistance, food, household items, and much more to low income individuals and families in Northwest Indiana. This is a network that helps people in a specific region who are in danger of being evicted or becoming homeless. Rapid rehousing may be offered as an option. Can you give me some information on non-profit organizations who can help with security deposit payments or finding low income apartments? Other services that may be available to you are government grants for rental expenses. This is their website: Gary Neighborhood Services is located at 650 S Lake St, Gary, Indiana 46403. This organization offers a variety of programs aimed at helping the local community. For more information, please visit their website. They help Gary residents who are struggling with things like handyman services or grants to pay energy bills. There is help available for rent, housing, furniture, and more. The address is 300 W 21st Ave, Gary, IN 46407. Home buying and renters workshops may be offered. is a non-profit organization that provides free legal services to low-income residents in Northwest Indiana.Please call (219) 883-0431 for free legal services if you are a low-income resident in Northwest Indiana. The school is situated on 651 East Third Street in Hobart, IN 46342. The number to call is (219) 945-1799. Tenants who may be facing eviction may be able to get free legal aid and advice. Low income families, seniors, and the disabled can get help with legal rights on deposits or missed rent payments at the Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic of Lake County. The address is 940 Broadway, Gary, IN 46402. To reach someone by phone, dial their number. In this case, the number to dial is (317) 429-4131. Some lawyers may give free legal advice and help. Some people can get free legal aid if they have a low income, are facing discrimination, or are elderly. The Community Development Department offers programs to help with home buying, eviction and foreclosure prevention, and community care grants. To reach customer service, please call (219) 881-5075. The organization can help you find a place to live through the Housing First program, or the federal government’s Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program. The address of the office is 1710 Broadway, Gary, IN 46407. They also provide resources and information about job opportunities, job training, and adult education. The main office is located in Gary, Indiana at 3101 Broadway. There are programs that can help with loans, rent, home buying, counseling, and other support. The main number for government and charity homeless prevention services is (219) 887-9621. These services help tenants avoid an eviction. There is also help for people who own homes and people who don’t have homes in Lake County. Clients can apply for grants that will help them pay their rent or mortgage, utility bills, and legal aid. Other programs such as SSVF offer rental assistance to veterans and resources for single parents. There are a number of programs in Lake County, Indiana that aim to prevent homelessness. These programs provide support to those at risk of becoming homeless, and work to connect them with resources that can help them keep a roof over their head. Brothers Uplifting Brothers is a social service agency that helps brothers in need. The agency provides services such as food, clothing, and shelter to brothers in need. The agency also helps brothers find jobs and education. This is the address of a business in Merrillville, Indiana. Please call (219) 985-2008. The needy can get free help with their basic needs. There are homes and apartments for low income or homeless families in Lake County, Indiana. The organization is dedicated to assisting low-income or homeless individuals in Hammond, Gary, and Lake County achieve some stability. They offer emergency shelter, safety planning, individual and group counseling, advocacy, and legal representation. Haven House provides emergency shelter, safety planning, individual and group counseling, advocacy, and legal representation for victims of domestic violence. The Homeless Youth Program is located at 5727 Sohl Avenue in Hammond, Indiana. This program provides assistance to homeless youth in the form of food, shelter, and other basic needs. The telephone number for the Rescue Mission at First Baptist Church is (219) 933-2419 or 933-1546. The address is 519 State Street, Hammond, Indiana 46320. Please call (219) 932-5085. They provide a place for the homeless to stay, a place to wash their clothes, and food to eat.

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