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Rent help in Belleville and St. Clair County Illinois.

If you need help paying your rent in Belleville or St. Clair County, Illinois, there are programs that can assist you. The website provides a list of resources that offer financial assistance for rent or security deposits, as well as eviction prevention services. The county is located in the eastern part of St. Louis, and some of the agencies and organizations may be located there, in that city.

The organizations can also help people find local, state, and federal government assistance programs. Staff can also help clients apply for other programs, like section 8 housing choice vouchers (HCV). Some agencies in the St. Clair area can help homeless people by providing shelters, transitional housing, and financial assistance for things like security deposits, rent, and moving costs.

If you need help with your rent, are facing eviction, or have been served an eviction notice, please call one of the numbers below. If you need referrals, advice, and support, the programs can help meet that need.

is a national organization committed to eliminating domestic violence and sexual assault. Call for Help Inc. is a national organization that helps to stop domestic violence and sexual assault. The Referral Program provides information and referrals to agencies that can provide information on rental assistance or other basic needs. The non-profit provides rental and electric assistance through FEMA. The transitional living shelter helps young women who are trying to become independent. Call the number listed, or look for other organizations that can help with rent payments.

The East St. Louis Housing Authority can help senior citizens in St. Clair County. The local government housing authority provides housing assistance to senior citizens who have limited income. The center is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Call the given number for more information.

Holy Angels Shelter provides temporary housing for women and children who are experiencing a crisis or hardship.

Land of Lincoln Legal Aid provides free legal services to elderly, low-income, and poor residents of the county. This means that they will help you with legal services if you are in danger of being evicted, so that you do not become homeless. There are free lawyers at 8787 State St, East St Louis, Illinois 62203. This is a phone number.

The Catholic Urban Program provides emergency services and financial assistance for rent and bills to Belleville and other residents in the county, regardless of their religion. If you are struggling to meet your basic needs, such as food, shelter, or clothing, there are government agencies that can help. These agencies can provide referral to government housing and rent assistance, as well as transportation assistance. This is a phone number.

The Lessie Bates Davis Neighborhood House provides emergency assistance for those struggling to pay rent, utilities, housing expenses, and clothing. The phone number is 618-874-0777.

The Salvation Army in Belleville, located at 20 Glory Place, offers a wide variety of emergency services to those in need. Some examples of assistance programs are as follows: -Counseling services -Grocery assistance -Temporary housing -Job placement -Utility assistance -Rental assistance There are government programs that can help you if you are struggling to pay rent or are at risk of becoming homeless. Learn about these programs and see if you qualify for them. This is a telephone number. La Cienega Blvd., 850 N. Kings Road, and 1855 N. Highland Ave.There are also three other branches nearby, including 138 S. La Cienega Blvd., 850 N. Kings Road, and 1855 N. Highland Ave. Broadway, Alton, IL 62002The number for Walnut in Centralia is 618-532-5942 and their address is 3007 E. Broadway, Alton, IL 62002. The 23rd Street location in Granite City can be reached by phone at 618-451-7957, and the Alton location on 525 Alby Street can be reached at 618-465-7764.

A Second Chance Shelter is a place where people can go to get help when they are in need. This can be a place to stay, food, or clothing. The organization provides a safe place to stay for people who are homeless and have nowhere else to go. Other forms of aid, like paying for rent, security deposits, and utility assistance, may be given to Illinois residents as long as there is enough money. The Salvation Army also provides counseling services to homeless families and refers them to other agencies and charities. The Second Chance program provides an opportunity for people who have been convicted of a crime to have their record sealed. Please call 618-874-0223.

The Urban League is an organization that helps people with their rent, housing, and utilities expenses when they are struggling to pay. Other services that are offered are credit counseling, budget counseling, and housing counseling. For more information, please call the number 618-274-1150.

The Saint Clair County Veterans housing and rent assistance program is located at 19 Public Square in Belleville, Illinois. They help veterans, and their families with things like money, pension claims, and befnefits. There are programs to help with rent, legal aid, utility bills, and more. They try to help veterans by providing housing and stopping homelessness. Please call (618) 277-0040.

The St. Clair County Housing Authority provides affordable housing for low- and middle-income families. There are programs that can help you with rent if you have an emergency. Learn about what is available in your area. The agency provides and accepts applications for Section 8 vouchers (HCV). The Department of Housing and Urban Development also manages public housing units, provides information on rent-subsidized or low-income housing opportunities, and more.

The St. Clair public housing authority can help with programs like purchasing a home or other services. Park Ave, Suite 225, Columbia, IL 62236 The address is 1790 S 74th St, Belleville, IL 62223. Another office is at 100 N. Park Ave, Suite 225, Columbia, IL 62236. The street address 48th St. in Belleville, Illinois. There may be a wait for this service. Call the number (618) 277-3290. The Section 8 housing choice voucher program is a federally-funded program that provides housing assistance to low-income families, the elderly, and the disabled. Families who participate in the program receive a voucher that they can use to rent an apartment or house of their choice. The program is administered by local public housing agencies, and households that meet the program’s income guidelines are eligible to participate. The internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks The internet is a collection of computers that are all connected to each other. The number 618-277-3290 can be written as six hundred eighteen, two hundred seventy-seven, three thousand two hundred ninety.

Sunshine Ministries is a place where people can go for shelter and other support. To reach someone by phone, dial their number. The number for this particular phone is 314-231-8209.

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