Rent Assistance

Rent help in Randall County.

Many of the organizations that provide rent assistance in Randall County are located throughout the region. There is usually assistance available for housing needs in this county as well as in nearby communities. This means that the person does not have enough money to pay for their housing or they need to go somewhere else to get help with paying for their housing.

There are still resources available. Non-profits work to provide financial assistance for things like security deposits, rent, utilities, and other needs. If a charity is unable to help a family, they will connect them with other organizations that may be able to assist them. These may include low interest loans programs for rent, section 8 housing, vouchers, or local shelters for the homeless.

This means that the funds will be given to those who apply for them first, and that Randall County will be served first. If you use all the money for rent or housing expenses, you may have to wait a while before getting more money. However, case management services are typically available all year round.

Tenants, immigrants, and seniors who cannot afford an attorney can get free legal advice from Legal Aid of Randall County and West Texas. They help with finding a place to live, paying rent, and any problems you have with your landlord. The majority of the sessions occur in Amarillo, so attendees may need to arrange for travel.

The Canyon Cares organization provides emergency rent and other assistance to people who live in certain areas of Canyon, Texas. The eligibility requirements for this assistance include living west of Osage Street or south of Hollywood Road, or within the city limits of Canyon. For more information, people can call the Canyon Cares organization at 806-655-1032. There may be funds available to help with gas bills, eviction defense, food, and more, in addition to rent.

You can contact them by phone at either 806-342-6154 or 806-342-6131. They help those who are struggling financially. There are many different types of housing assistance available, such as vouchers to help pay rent or income-based apartments. The Fair Housing Act protects people from discrimination when they are buying or renting a home, getting a mortgage, or seeking housing assistance. To be protected under the Act, a person must first qualify under one of the federal government’s income guidelines. Other local rental assistance agencies also receive security deposits, utility payments, and referrals.

The Salvation Army in Amarillo also provides support to Randall County. They offer programs to help the homeless, including grants from CEAP (Comprehensive Emergency Assistance), rent assistance, shelters, clothing, and furniture banks.

Catholic Family Services of Randall County provides assistance to seniors and the disabled. There are programs to help people who are homeless or at risk of being homeless, including help with rent and mortgage payments, home deliveries, information on SSI benefits, and counseling.

The Lighthouse is a shelter for men or women that provides short-term housing for up to two weeks. It is closed on Sundays. This church provides food, information about job programs, case management, and a database of housing and rent programs in Potter and Randal Counties.

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