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Rental assistance Baltimore City and county.

There are programs that can help families in Baltimore, Maryland with their rent, or help them find and keep housing that is low income. Money is distributed by different organizations across the city and county. Baltimore residents can also apply to government-run programs that provide emergency rental or security deposit assistance. What are my options?

The local Department of Social Services in Baltimore provides rental subsidies through the Housing Choice Voucher Program. The waiting list to get low income housing is very long. The voucher program helps low income families pay for housing by giving them a voucher based on their annual income. The voucher can be used to pay for rent, utilities, or other housing costs. To reach customer service, please call (800) 332-6347. The Housing Choice Voucher program, also known as Section 8, is a federal program that provides financial assistance to low-income families who are struggling to pay rent. The program is administered by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and provides vouchers that can be used to cover a portion of the rent for qualifying families.

If you are in danger of being evicted from your home in Baltimore, or if you just need some free legal advice about your rights and responsibilities as a renter, you can contact any of the following organizations.

The Public Justice Center is a legal organization that provides free legal support and advocacy for low-income people, disadvantaged people, homeless people, and other vulnerable groups. The focus of this organization is on housing, and helping those who are discriminated against renters, or have been illegally evicted. They want you to call 410-625-9409

If you are facing eviction or are homeless, Project Place can help. We offer housing counseling, information on government assistance programs, and other supportive services. We are committed to helping the most vulnerable and under served. Call us at (410) 837-1671. This includes people who are elderly, disabled, sick, and others. Please continue with the Project Plase housing programs.

is a local, non-profit corporation that provides transitional housing and support services to low-income and homeless individuals and families in the Greater Cincinnati area. The Samaritan Community, Inc. is a local organization that helps low-income and homeless individuals and families by providing transitional housing and support services. Provides emergency assistance, including rent help, to thousands of families and individuals every year. There are many volunteers who help people get back on track and become self-sufficient. If no grants are available, the organization should be able to provide you with information regarding other local non-profits and charities. Some non-profit organizations may offer interest-free loans to low-income families to help them pay rent. To speak to the Baltimore housing agency, please call 410-225-9500.

(BNI) is a non-profit membership organization committed to improving the quality of life in Baltimore City neighborhoods. Baltimore Neighborhoods, Inc. (BNI) is a non-profit membership organization dedicated to making Baltimore City neighborhoods better places to live. This non-profit agency was created in the 1950s and can be reached at 1-800-487-6007. Since then, they have been helping Baltimore families with issues related to housing and rent, such as housing discrimination, landlord and tenant disputes, referrals to rent assistance programs offered by the state of Maryland and the federal government, and illegal evictions. Call the free housing and rent advice line to get help with your concerns.

Maryland Legal Aid provides assistance with civil legal matters to low-income residents across the state. They offer free Legal services and representation to people over 65 and also those individuals who are facing poverty or are considered low income. Please call our customer service line at (800) 999-8904.

If approved, this assistance will be provided on a regular basis. This promotion will only last for a limited time. This website provides information on resources available to low-income individuals and families, including information on GED training, low income housing, employment, and other services.

The Department of Social Services can provide emergency cash grants to families with children who are struggling to pay rent or who are facing foreclosure. Loans may be issued for the first month’s rent on a new, approved home or apartment. Research government-funded housing programs for the disabled. There are two offices in Maryland that you can dial, 410-853-3451 or 410-853-3810 which is located in Baltimore. The other office is located in Dundalk and their number is 410-853-3402.

St. Veronica’s Thrift Store can have one time funds. This means that the store can receive money from donors just once, and not on a regular basis. Other housing needs may include rent, deposits, and other expenses. Learn about places where people can go for help, such as shelters. Please call the number provided for intake.

The Mayor’s Office is partnering with Journey Home to provide emergency rental assistance to prevent homelessness. The government provides affordable housing through grants that can be used for various expenses, such as energy costs, motel rooms, security deposits, and rehousing into a new apartment. This assistance can also be used to pay for rent that is owed. The services provided by the city of Baltimore help those who are single parents, disabled, or otherwise in need. There is more help available for people who are facing eviction in Baltimore. There are also resources available to help people find new housing.

Bon Secours Community Works and the Family Support Center offer financial assistance to help cover the cost of attending workshops. There are a number of ways to prevent evictions, such as counseling, government grants to cover rental arrears, and other forms of assistance. The address for information on housing programs is 26 North Fulton Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21223. The phone number is 410-362-3808.

Project PLASE is a phone line that can help veterans with rent, access to shelter, or moving costs. There are also programs that offer financial aid and housing for the disabled from Shelter Care Plus and HUD qualified apartments. For families of veterans, there is also financial aid available as part of SSVF. The expenses covered by this program include transportation, back rent, deposits, and job placement. The address of the location is 1814 Maryland Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21201.

The Baltimore Homeless Services runs the local Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program (HPRP) to help people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. The program provides financial assistance and case management services to help people find and keep stable housing. The phone number for the business is 410-462-2585. The stimulus funds were used to create this program. Family Services provides various forms of support to families in need, including rent payments for 6 to 18 months, moving cost assistance, security deposit help, utility assistance, and debt and credit counseling.

The United Way does not provide money to pay rent, but it partners with numerous local non-profits throughout Baltimore. It is also aware of federal government programs. They can also help connect callers with resources like homeless shelters, rent programs for single mothers, or shared housing. Other financial services may also be available. To get information on rental assistance programs, call the Baltimore United Way at 410-685-0525.

The St. Vincent de Paul of Baltimore is a charity that provides limited funds for rent assistance to tenants who are at risk of eviction. The main phone number for the organization is 410-659-4020. An order from the court that tells the sheriff to give someone their property back that was taken away from them If you are eligible, financial aid can help pay for things like rent and utilities. It can also help with things like Travelers Aid.

The Rental Assistance Program provides payments for rent from a statewide program. Residents who meet certain income requirements, including low-income residents, disabled residents, and unemployed residents, can receive a monthly cash payment to help cover their rent and housing costs. The other focus is on helping families in Baltimore who are about to be evicted or who have a notice to leave. The RAP program in Baltimore provides residents with the opportunity to receive rewards for reporting illegal activity anonymously.

The Baltimore City Mayor’s Office of Constituent Services can help connect you with community action agencies that may be able to assist with back rent. One such agency is located at 606 Cherry Hill Road in Baltimore, MD. The staff at this facility help residents to apply for and receive government benefits like public housing or section 8 vouchers. They help tenants fill out forms for rental or security deposit assistance, water programs, and more. To reach customer service, please call 410-545-0900.

The Salvation Army Family Services in Baltimore provides assistance to families in need. They offer a variety of services, including food assistance, financial assistance, and case management. Applicants who are already receiving rent or financial help from other agencies are not eligible for duplicate assistance. Food, emergency funds to pay bills or any past due rent, case management, and other aid may be available from a local organization. with any questions. Please call the number provided if you have any questions.

The Walbrook Vicinity Churches Assistance Ministry is a Baltimore-based organization that provides assistance to residents of the 21216 zip code. Their services include food pantry assistance, clothing assistance, and utility assistance. BGE bills may be paid if they prevent homelessness, tenants can get rent paid to stop an eviction, and more. There is not a lot of money available and only small amounts of cash would be given out.

Catholic Charities of Baltimore is a network of churches that work together to help those in need. The charity may be able to help low income families who are about to be evicted by paying their rent. The applicant must show proof of income, notice, and other requirements. This organization can also help you find other places to live if you are homeless or at risk of being homeless, such as an emergency shelter, or help you with things like security deposits or rent if you live in public housing. Baltimore Catholic Charities is providing more assistance for those who need help paying rent.

The Homeless Persons Representation Project provides free legal assistance to people who are facing eviction or are at risk of becoming homeless. This means that they help people who need housing assistance from the government. Tenant and landlord issues can be resolved through mediation. The telephone number for customer service is 800-773-4340.

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