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Rental assistance Brazoria County.

The following are some of the leading charities and non-profits calling for emergency rental assistance and eviction prevention in Brazoria, Texas: There are a number of government agencies that offer services to low income, seniors, and the disabled, with many of them specializing in housing, rent, and tenant issues. These programs often focus on providing financial assistance to those in need.

This means that if someone has no other way to get financial assistance, there are organizations in Brazoria that can help them. Social workers and case managers want to help those who are less fortunate to become more independent whenever possible. A key to achieving this goal is to help residents have access to safe housing. If you are in danger of being evicted or are experiencing a housing crisis, there may be money available to help you pay your rent.

The Brazoria County Welfare Department helps people who don’t have any other options. The center can help with immediate financial assistance including rent, utilities, LIHEAP, and medicines. There is a limited amount of money available for grants, and it is not always possible to get a grant. Please call before coming so that we can explain the program details and so that you can bring the correct documentation. The address is 1524 East Mulberry, Suite 162, Angleton, Texas 77515. The phone number is (979) 864-1427.

The AIDS Coalition of Coastal Texas is an organization that provides support and resources to people affected by HIV/AIDS in the Coastal Texas area. The organization offers services such as case management, support groups, and financial assistance to help people living with HIV/AIDS manage their disease and improve their quality of life. They are based in Galveston but provide service to the whole of Brazoria County. This organization provides housing solutions to HIV and AIDS patients.

Christian Helping Hands of Pearland Texas is a non-profit organization that helps the local community by providing food, clothing, and other necessities. The churches in the area collaborate to help those in need with immediate expenses such as rent, moving expenses, and security deposits. The agency’s primary goal is to help people who are less fortunate and have low incomes to become more self-sufficient over time whenever possible. The organization provides assistance by donations from local businesses, member churches, and private individuals. They are always looking for more generosity from the Brazoria community. They may be able to connect people with local hotels or motels, or provide vouchers for a place to stay. The best way to reach me is by phone at (281)485-9776.

The Brazoria County Community Action Council is a state-funded organization that provides various services to the community. These services include things like food assistance, utility assistance, and housing assistance. There are a variety of resources and services that may be provided for low income individuals and families in an effort to address the root cause of poverty. The phone number to call is 979-849-2928.

The First Presbyterian Church in Lake Jackson may have a limited amount of cash available for emergency expenses. The phone number is 979-297-3049

The Brazoria County Housing Authority provides funding from the federal government to support solutions for housing problems. The agency may be able to help those in need by paying for their rent and electric bills. If someone is homeless, they may be able to get help from a program that will pay for their security deposit on an approved low income apartment. Other services that may be offered alongside loans for first month’s rent include case management services. You can reach me at 864-1427.

The Brazoria Community Development administers the homeless prevention program that is funded by the federal stimulus.

The Society of St. Stephen is a group of three churches in Brazoria County, Texas. There are three churches located in Lake Jackson, Texas. They are Chapelwood United Methodist Church, First United Methodist Church, and Christ Lutheran Church. The latter can be reached at (979)297-2013. They have created a charity organization that helps people and local families with paying for rent and other expenses such as prescriptions.

The Chapelwood United Methodist Church can help residents of Brazoria County in emergency situations as long as resources are available. The address is 300 Willow Drive, Lake Jackson, Texas 77566. To contact the church, please call 979-297-7991.

There are programs in Brazoria County that can help people who are being evicted and need to find new housing. Those who are without a home or are struggling to pay rent can apply for assistance from the government, which may include help with rent or a security deposit, transitional housing, or a shelter. Government grants help with catching up on rental and housing costs. Brazoria County is working on preventing homelessness by providing resources and support to those at risk of becoming homeless. They are also working on increasing access to affordable housing and homeless services.

The Children’s Center provides emergency rental and eviction assistance to prevent homelessness. Case managers also help families move into permanent, affordable housing or apartments in Brazoria County. Some loans may be issued to those seeking rental assistance. If you would like to speak to someone at our company, please call 409-765-6561.

Call 979-849-6464 for legal assistance from Lone Star Legal Aid. Can help improve the housing situation. Free legal aid can help with housing issues, like getting on a section 8 waiting list, or other similar problems. Attorneys can help you with the process of being evicted.

The Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs may provide government housing and rent assistance. The government provides housing assistance to low income families, the elderly, displaced persons, and the disabled/handicapped through various programs. This assistance typically takes the form of rent assistance, though other types of assistance may be available as well. Some families in Brazoria who have low incomes may be able to get a grant to help pay for their rent. This means that people who qualify for a voucher under Section 8 of the Housing Act may also be provided with this type of voucher.

The Salvation Army has programs to help people in emergency situations who are in danger of losing their homes. This means that any help with housing costs will go straight to the person who owns the property. Other services that may be available include places to stay if you are homeless, loans to help pay back rent, and housing options for people with low incomes. Call the number 979-233-5420 to reach the Freeport, TX location at 1618 North Avenue J.

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