Rent Assistance

Rental assistance Ector County.

There are both short-term and long-term housing options available for people in need in Ector County. The charities that operate these services typically have limited resources, but they may be able to help anyone facing homelessness, including single parents, immigrants, and seniors. There are various grants available in the Odessa Texas region for assistance with rent, moving costs or security deposits, and local shelters can also assist the homeless.

The programs are for people of all different backgrounds. Shelters provide a place to stay for people who are homeless, including men, women, and single mothers. The emergency rental assistance programs in Ector County are designed to help people who are unemployed, oil field workers, and immigrants. If you are being evicted because you haven’t paid your utility bills, you may be able to get help with those expenses. This means that all expenses related to housing, such as rent, can be paid.

Catholic Charities in Ector County provides loans and grants to those in need to help pay for rent. To be eligible, you must first go through an intake process by calling 432-332-1387. Funding is not always available, so please call ahead to check. They also help with utility bills, provide housing to immigrants, and offer household goods, such as furniture or clothing. This means that if you need help with rent, you will also receive help with other things like food, healthcare, and education. The Ector County housing assistance program provides financial assistance to eligible individuals and families to help with the costs of housing. The program is administered by the Ector County Housing Authority.

The Permian Basin Mission Center is a non-profit that helps the underemployed and low income tenants. The organization is located in Odessa, TX and the main phone number is 432-337-0554. Some organizations give money to help people pay their bills. This money, called a grant, can be used to pay for gas, water, rent, medicine, and other needs.

The PHA is responsible for the administration of the Housing Choice Voucher Program. The PHA also manages and develops affordable housing units for low-income families. The Housing Authority of the City of Odessa is responsible for administering the Housing Choice Voucher Program and for developing affordable housing units for low-income families. The Housing Authority is located at 124 E 2nd St, Odessa, Texas 79761. The phone number for the Housing Authority is (432) 333-1088. If you are on the waiting list for a voucher from the HUD’s Section 8 program, you may be able to get help with your rent and other expenses.

Legal Aid of Northwest Texas provides free legal representation to low-income individuals who cannot afford an attorney. Attorneys can help people who are facing eviction by providing them with information and resources. They can also help people who are struggling with payday loans by negotiating with lenders and providing guidance on repayment plans. Additionally, attorneys can assist landlords with a variety of issues, such as resolving disputes with tenants and drafting lease agreements.

West Texas Opportunities is an organization that may be able to help you with things such as rent, low income housing, government benefits, home ownership loans, and other anti poverty programs. If you need more information, you can give them a call at (432) 333-9027.

The Helping Hands of Odessa/Midlands organization provides assistance to those in need in the form of referrals to other organizations. They are located at 1301 Brinson Lane in Midland, Texas and their phone number is 432-520-8900. The rental assistance programs in Ector County can also help pay for motel rooms. There are also services like transportation, where you are served as soon as you arrive, help with your electric bill, and shelter at the church. A variety of social services related to housing are available.

Transitional housing and shelter in Ector County

The Salvation Army in Odessa provides an overnight shelter and free meals. The shelter is open nightly.

The Mission Messiah / A New Creation shelter program is open to women, children, and single mothers. To apply, please contact the shelter at 432-580-5222. This service is done to develop, monitor, and coordinate an individualized treatment plan for persons who have mental illness and/or substance abuse disorders. In Ector County, case management is also available to develop, monitor, and coordinate an individualized treatment plan for people with mental illness and/or substance abuse disorders. The main goal is to provide housing for families with children and to find programs that help single mothers with rent.

Family Promise of Odessa is an agency that helps homeless and evicted people. They provide food and shelter and help people find jobs and housing. There are many different types of human services that can help people who are struggling. Some of these services include transitional housing, job programs, and other support services.

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