Rent Assistance

Rental assistance in Jackson County Michigan.

If you are finding it difficult to pay your rent, there are both short- and long-term options available to help you. emergency assistance can help you cover immediate costs, while long-term support can provide you with ongoing assistance. There are a number of organizations in Jackson County Michigan that can provide assistance with rent, free grants, motel vouchers, or legal aid to help prevent an eviction. There are a few programs that can help with rent or moving costs if you’re struggling to keep a home or apartment.

You need to have an income and meet other criteria. Some rent assistance programs are exclusively for veterans, such as SSVF. Others may help those who have mental or physical disabilities. There are also programs that help people who were previously homeless, or who have very low incomes, to pay for their first month’s rent or a security deposit. There are income-based apartments available which are subsidized by the government. There are a lot of financial resources available for housing, rent, mortgages, and even utilities in Jackson County Michigan. You can find information on all of these resources on the internet or by contacting your local Jackson County Michigan office. There may be free money available for disabled people from the government or other organizations. This money can help pay for things like medical expenses, housing, and other needs.

The Jackson County DHS provides government grants and other forms of financial aid which can be used to pay rent and stop homelessness. There are also loans or funds to pay for moving costs, security deposits, and utility connection fees. The address is 301 East Louis Glick Highway, Jackson, Michigan 49201. Contact the Department of Human Services at (517) 780-7400.

Veterans (and their families) can get help with rent and other benefits. There are also job programs, furniture or medication and other support in addition to cash aid for rent. If you or someone you know is at risk of being homeless, please contact the Veteran Trust Fund at 1715 Lansing Ave, Jackson, MI 49202, or call (517) 788-4424. You may also try Support Services for Veteran Families (SSVF), by calling (517) 784-4800.

The Concord United Methodist Church can help Concord residents with rent payments and utilities. You may only apply to the scholarship three times per year and you must apply from the address 119 S Main St., Concord, Michigan 49237. To reach the customer service department for the State of Michigan, please dial 517-524-6156.

The Mission Of Hope Cancer Fund provides financial assistance to people with cancer. This may also be for rent or housing costs. The non-profit is located at 209 E Washington Ave, Jackson, MI 49201 and relies on donations. There is also a movement to provide affordable housing for cancer patients that is both supportive and accommodating. To reach customer service, please call (517) 782-4643.

The Jackson County Legal Services of South Central Michigan office have volunteer and pro-bono lawyers that can help tenants with pay or quit notices or eviction notices. They also assist with housing discrimination, applications to rent programs such as section 8, utility terminations and more from 540 N Jackson St, Jackson, Michigan 49201. If you need free legal assistance, you can call (517) 787-6111.

This means that the Jackson Housing Commission is responsible for helping people who have been approved for the HUD Section 8 program to find housing. They also provide services that help people become self-sufficient, manage their own cases, and live in public housing units. Section 8 rent is based on how much money the tenant makes. The location is Steward Ave in Jackson, MI. You can call the number (517) 787-1188.

The Salvation Army Church may be able to help with rent or heating costs on a case-by-case basis. If you are homeless, you can get free furniture, placement into a homeless shelter, and transitional housing resources. Please call the number (517) 782-7185.

The Community Action Agency operates a housing assistance program called the HARA. This program provides resources and assistance to people who need help finding and paying for housing. The rapid re-housing program provides free government grants for rent, deposits, and other bills to eligible applicants. There are also services to mediate between landlords and tenants, referrals, and more. Housing specialists can be reached at the office, 1214 Greenwood Ave, Jackson, Michigan 49203, or by phone at (517) 784-4800.

The Telethon Kids Institute provides financial assistance for people with mental illnesses or disabilities. This can include rental payments, finding affordable housing, helping with electric and security deposits, and much more. The office is located at 2301 E Michigan Ave, Jackson, MI 49202. Clients can get help finding and paying for independent housing that is subsidized by rent payments. Call (517) 782-0010 to speak to someone.

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