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Rental assistance in Jefferson Parish Louisiana.

Jefferson Parish offers a rent assistance program to help low-income residents with their rent payments. There are a number of organizations that offer assistance to low-income families, including counseling, direct cash assistance, referrals, and other housing programs. The service area for this company includes Gretna and the surrounding Jefferson County area.

The government programs and agencies listed below are some of the most helpful resources for people living in Jefferson County. The services offered by different organizations can vary greatly, and many have specific requirements that must be met in order to use them. The non-profits will not only provide rent assistance, but will also offer case management, counseling, and programs to help people become self-sufficient in the long run. One way to address a housing crisis is to make sure that people can afford to pay their rent without needing assistance.

The JPHSA – Division of Community Support provides financial assistance for rent or utilities for people who have attended mental health or substance abuse clinics. There are many housing programs available in the area that can help with finding a place to live. The number 838-5700 can be pronounced as “eight three eight five seven zero zero”.

Armstrong Family Services provides financial assistance and grants that can be used to cover up to three months’ worth of rental costs. The program provides financial assistance to families who have an eviction notice or are homeless. The number 504 821 6023 can be pronounced as five zero four, eight two one, six zero two three.

The City of Kenner’s Community Development program provides emergency rental and housing assistance to residents of Kenner. The address is 2100 Third Street, Suite 8, Kenner, Louisiana, 70062, and the phone number is 468-7588.

The House of Ruth provides financial assistance to families and individuals in Algiers who need help with rent and security deposits. The organization may provide loans with zero percent interest, mediation services for tenants, referrals, and other forms of assistance to help with rental costs. The address is 1111 Newton Street in Algiers, Louisiana, and the phone number is 366-3921.

JeffCAP provides resources to help people with their rent or mortgage payments to avoid being evicted. Utility bills may also be covered by funds. Housing counseling is a service provided by experts in the field who can offer guidance and support to those who need assistance with their housing situation. This can include help with finding affordable housing, understanding your rights and responsibilities as a tenant, and more. To be eligible for this program, applicants must meet certain income requirements. There will be a focus on senior citizens or people who are at risk. The address is 1221 Elmwood Park Blvd., Suite 402, Jefferson 70123 and the phone number is 736-6900.

This agency helps people who live in Avondale, Waggaman, Grand Isle, and Westwego with renting a place to live. The address is 4008 U.S. Highway 90 in Avondale, Louisiana and the phone number is 349-5414.

The Bridge City Community Center is responsible for the wellbeing of the citizens in the cities and towns of Jefferson County, including Bridge City, Avondale, Waggaman, and Westwego. The address is 301 Third Emanuel Street in Bridge City, and the phone number is 349-5464.

Johnson Dorothy B. Johnson is an American educator and author. She is the creator of the Johnson Model of Inquiry, which is used in schools across the United States. The Watson Community Center is a place where families in Kenner, River Ridge and Harahan can come to spend time together and participate in activities. The center offers a variety of programs and services for all ages, and is a great resource for families in the community. 1300 Myrtle Street, Metairie, Louisiana 70003, call +1 736-6480

The Gretna Community Center provides assistance to low-income individuals in the form of rent assistance, grants, and money for security deposits. This allows them to have a safe and stable place to live. The address is 1700 Monroe Street, Gretna, Louisiana, 70056, and the phone number is 376-2130.

The Harvey Community Center is located at 1501 Estalote Street in Harvey, Louisiana. This facility offers a variety of amenities and services to the public, including a gymnasium, meeting rooms, and a auditorium. If you need help with housing, you can call 227-1221. This non-profit can give out loans to people who need help paying rent.

The Hazel Rhea Hurst Community Center is a place where Metairie and Jefferson families can go to for help and assistance. Fetterly Ave, Inglewood, CAThe address is 1121 S. Fetterly Ave, Inglewood, CA. The address for the Causeway Boulevard is Jefferson 70121 and the phone number is 838-4277.

The Marrero Community Center is located at 1861 Ames Blvd. in Marrero, Louisiana. The center offers a variety of programs and services for the community, including a gym, a library, and a meeting space. To reach someone by phone, dial 349-5950.

The Salvation Army can help you find a shelter, transitional housing, or grant for rental costs. There is not a lot of financial aid available.

The Jefferson Family Care Center operates a homeless shelter. After clients have stabilized, they may receive referrals to low income apartments or housing units in the community. The program is run by Catholic Charities. The main phone number is (504) 347-0772.

Southeast Louisiana Legal Services can help with a number of housing problems in Jefferson Parish, such as landlord-tenant disputes, evictions, foreclosures, and Hurricane Katrina-related issues. The agency provides services such as free legal advice and information on utility disconnections to help prevent evictions. They mediate disputes over security deposits, public benefits, and more. The phone number 835-4882 can be written as eight three five four eight two.

There are resources available to help prevent eviction. People who are about to become homeless or who are already homeless may be eligible for assistance based on funding availability. Any assistance with rent is temporary and provided through a grant. Other resources in Jefferson Parish include help with deposits, vouchers for motels, counseling, and more. Jefferson Parish and New Orleans have programs to help prevent homelessness. These programs provide assistance with housing, food, and other needs to those who are at risk of becoming homeless. The programs also work to connect people with resources and support to help them keep their housing.

Jefferson Parish Louisiana Housing Authorities

The Jefferson Parish Section 8 is a federally funded voucher program that can help with rental expenses. The address is 1011 Fourth Street in Gretna, Louisiana, 70056. The phone number is 366-5344.

The Jefferson Parish Housing Authority is a government agency that provides housing assistance to low-income residents of Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. The agency is located at 1718 Betty Street in Marrero, Louisiana, and can be reached by phone at 347-4381.

The Kenner Housing Authority provides information on government programs that can help prevent homelessness, as well as HUD counseling and other free programs. The address is 1013 31st St., Kenner 70065 and the phone number is 467-9166.

The Westwego Housing Authority is a government organization that provides housing assistance to low-income residents of Westwego, Louisiana. The organization is located at 1010 Sixth St., and can be reached by phone at 341-5255.

Jefferson Parish’s Project Reach provides homeless individuals with shelter and low income housing. The non-profit can help connect you with resources like referrals, mobile outreach, emergency rental assistance, and case management. Call the number 832-5123

To get help from Jefferson Parish HPRP, call 504-723-7961.

To speak with someone at the Jefferson Parish Community Development Department, please call (504) 736-6262. The federal government runs the Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program. This program can give you money for security deposits, up to 18 months of rent, help with back rent, and other assistance.

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