Rent Assistance

Rental assistance in Manchester and Nashua region.

There are programs in Hillsborough County New Hampshire that can help with rent, offer low income housing, and prevent evictions. If you live in Manchester, Nashua, or the surrounding area, you can get emergency rent assistance or money for a security deposit from charities or the government. The financial help is available for those who are facing eviction, seniors, or families with young children.

Several organizations that provide housing assistance, such as non-profits and government programs, operate in the region. They work together to provide families and individuals with access to a variety of services and resources. There may be grants available to help pay for housing expenses such as rent, security deposits, and other bills related to housing. Some programs focus on helping low income people, others focus on helping unemployed people or people who are facing a crisis. It’s always a good idea to check with your local Nashua and Manchester rent programs to see what kind of referrals they can offer you.

The Nashua Housing Authority can help you with rent assistance if you are struggling to pay your rent. They can also help connect you with resources and programs that can help you keep your housing. The New Hampshire Section 8 program offers housing assistance to low-income families and individuals. The program is administered by the New Hampshire Housing Authority, which is a non-profit organization. Families and individuals who are eligible for Section 8 assistance can receive help with paying rent for a qualifying residence. Section 8 recipients are also eligible for other programs and services offered by the New Hampshire Housing Authority, such as low income housing in the southern part of the state. This is an address in Nashua, New Hampshire.

The Milford Welfare Department provides assistance with rent if you have received a notice to vacate your property or an eviction letter. This means that in addition to the first month’s rent, security deposits and other bills can also be paid.

Marguerite’s Place is a transitional housing program for women in crisis. 87 Palm Street, Nashua, NH 03060 is the address, and the phone number is 603-598-1582.

The New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority is a non-profit state government agency that provides housing services to all of New Hampshire, including the cities of Manchester and Nashua. If you are a low income family, you may be eligible for emergency rental assistance. The address for this location is 32 Constitution Drive in Bedford, New Hampshire. Call 471-8623.

The Manchester Housing and Redevelopment Authority provides section 8 HUD vouchers to help people with housing costs in the city. There are low income, rent subsidized apartments or homes available as well as self-sufficiency. People who are 65 years old or older, or who have a disability, can apply for emergency help with housing costs through the Section 8 HCV program. The PHA is located on 198 Hanover Street in Manchester, New Hampshire. Please call (603) 624-2100.

This group may be able to help if you or your family are facing eviction and/or homelessness. There are programs that can help residents get and keep affordable apartments. Services include: -housing advocacy -tenant education -budgeting -emergency funding -landlord-tenant negotiations -security deposit loans -general counseling and referrals The address is 214 Sprcue Street and the phone number is 627-3491.

The homeless outreach specialist at the non-profit SNHS organization works to help individuals or families who are in danger of eviction, or assist people who are currently homeless. Get help in finding a place to live and pay rent. If you want to talk to someone, you can call 603-668-8010. The address is 40 Pine Street in Manchester, New Hampshire.

They help with a wide variety of housing needs, whether you are a current homeowner or a first time buyer. Neighborhood Housing Services of Greater Nashua is a non-profit organization that helps people with a wide variety of housing needs. Whether you are a current homeowner or a first time buyer, they can help you with your housing needs. We offer low-income housing, with a focus on senior programs. The address is 63 Temple St., Nashua, NH 03060 and the phone number is 603-882-2077.

The Salvation Army in Hillsborough County NH is located at 121 Cedar Street in Manchester. Call 603-627-7013. The trust provides assistance to residents of Bedford and Manchester and partners with the City Welfare department. Local individuals or families who have become unemployed after a consistent employment history or who are faced with an unexpected emergency may be eligible for housing and rent assistance.

New Hampshire Housing manages a rental assistance program that is funded by HUD. The New Hampshire Housing agency helps tenants with their overdue rental payments by paying a portion of the monthly rent directly to the landlord. This allows the tenant to stay current on their rental payments and avoid eviction. That is a phone number.

(MNHS) is a nonprofit organization that works with residents to improve the quality of their homes and neighborhoods Manchester Neighborhood Housing Services Inc. is a nonprofit organization that helps residents improve the quality of their homes and neighborhoods. The city of Manchester is working to provide safe and affordable housing options for low and moderate income families. The number 603.626.4663 can be pronounced as six hundred three, six hundred twenty-six, four hundred sixty-six, three.

The Greater Manchester AIDs Project is located at 170 Lowell Street. They only provide housing and shelter support to AIDS/HIV patients. The number to call is (603) 623-0710.

You can contact the town offices. Most states offer some type of welfare program, which will provide financial aid for rent and other bills. There are many agencies in Hillsborough County that are working to prevent homelessness, especially for vulnerable populations such as single parents and seniors.

The organization provides financial assistance for rent and utilities, as well as case management and counseling services.

The Hillsborough County – NH Legal Aid provides free legal services to low-income residents. To access these services, call (800) 639-5290. Some organizations offer free legal help to low income families who are facing eviction or other housing problems.

The Nashua Shelter provides not only transitional housing and shelter, but also funds to pay for housing costs, such as rental expenses. At IKEA, you can find everything you need to furnish your home, from food to furniture. The address for Nashua Shelter’s rent assistance programs is 2 Quincy Street, Nashua, NH 03061. The phone number is (603) 889-7770. For more information, visit their website.

Southern New Hampshire Services is a private, non-profit corporation that is chartered in the State of New Hampshire. It is currently the Community Action Agency for Hillsborough County. The place is really helpful if you need assistance with finding housing or paying rent and heating bills. They can also help tenants get loans for rent that they have already paid. The non-profit can also usually assist with a variety of other needs that the low income or working poor may have, such as providing food or clothing. What is the phone number? The phone number is 603-668-8010.

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