Rent Assistance

Rental assistance in Marathon County.

Emergency rental assistance programs in the region are usually administered by charity organizations or government offices. They help families with low incomes as well as residents facing a short-term hardship. Some agencies also focus on providing rent help for a certain situation, such as grants for veterans or housing for the disabled or senior citizens.

Outreach organizations work to ensure that everyone has their basic human needs met. This includes providing food, water, shelter, and clothing. In other words, this will help them pay for a place to live if they find themselves in a difficult situation. If someone is homeless in Marathon County, there are charities and churches that can provide temporary housing and help with a security deposit.

There may be funds not only for rent, but also for other needs after a face to face visit to a new home. This program provides financial assistance for furniture, legal counseling, utility deposits, and first month’s rent payment that a landlord may require.

The American Legion Montgomery Dudley Post 10 provides rental assistance to veterans in need. There is money available to help with gas, housing, back rent, and other expenses. The staff also helps veterans move into new homes or get no-interest loans from credit unions to pay their rent.

The Red Cross – Marathon County Chapter is a location that provides emergency support for active duty military personnel only. The address is 1602 2nd St.Wausau, WI 54403-3401 and the phone number is (715) 409-0815. There is help available for everything from travel to car repairs, paying security deposits or rent, and other needs. If an applicant is not in the military, then they are referred to other emergency rent assistance programs.

They help with food, clothing, and other necessities. If you are having difficulty paying your rent or utilities, there may be assistance available to help you with these expenses. This could include rent assistance, help with your security deposit, gasoline for work, or money for your heating bills. Some churches in the Marathon County area may offer free motel vouchers in addition to rent help. This church can help with rent, heating bills, and other shelter needs. The organization provides assistance to single mothers and low-income seniors.

The Hmong American Center is committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment that meets the needs of the Hmong community. The Hmong American Center is located at 1109 6th St in Wausau, Wisconsin. For information about the Hmong American Center, please call (715) 842-8390.

The main focus of the conference is to prevent homelessness. The Saint Vincent De Paul Cabrini Conference in Wausau, Wisconsin offers financial assistance and short-term rentals to low- and moderate-income residents of Marathon County. The Conference’s primary goal is to prevent homelessness.

The Marathon County Veterans Service Office provides assistance to veterans, their spouses, children, or survivors. The main office is located at 212 River Dr Ste 1 in Wausau, Wisconsin. The intake number is (715) 261-1141. The Veterans Affairs (VA) can help with things like benefits, grants for rent and insurance, burial and death benefits, and other aid. They also help clients with emergency temporary assistance, such as for rental payments or utility bills, on a case-by-case basis.

They also help with other various needs like utility assistance, transportation, and clothing. Marathon County families that are at risk of being evicted may be able to receive housing assistance through cash grants. There may be money for a security deposit for victims of abuse, back rent, and transitional housing for the disabled.

The Salvation Army is a non-profit organization that provides financial assistance to low-income individuals and families. They also offer help from the Emergency Food Assistance Program (EHAF). I’m not sure what you mean. Could you please clarify?

The AIDS Resource Center Of Wisconsin provides housing, medical care, furniture, and other assistance to people with or affected by HIV/AIDS. There are grants offered by the government to help with rent payments, applying for benefits such as section 8 housing, legal aid, and other social services to Marathon County families who qualify for assistance.

The Marathon Judicare office is located on 5th Street in Wausau, Wisconsin. Call (715) 842-1681. The law firm can help prevent evictions from happening. They also partner with people who are struggling to pay their rent or who are living in unsafe housing. The free legal aid can assist with finding housing.

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