Rent Assistance

Rental assistance in Mississippi.

There are several organizations that low income residents in Mississippi can contact for emergency rental assistance or housing programs. Some organizations may be able to offer cash assistance to help pay for rent or security deposits. The support provided may be in other ways as well. Some organizations can help people in Mississippi apply for government programs that can offer subsidies for rent, or other low income housing programs.

The GCCA relies mostly on referrals for support, but occasionally has financial support from government grants. When possible, they provides qualified low income renters, and even homeowners, with rent and housing assistance as they are a HUD approved agency. The agency provides rent and housing assistance to qualified low income renters and homeowners when possible. The agency is approved by HUD, which stands for the Department of Housing and Urban Development. What are some ways to get help with paying your monthly mortgage, rental costs, and other miscellaneous items?

These services help people who are in danger of losing their homes due to foreclosure. Counselors work with homeowners to help them keep their homes, and eviction prevention services help people who are at risk of being evicted. Other basic needs besides housing that may require financial assistance or short term loans are things like groceries, utility bills, transportation, etc. The non-profit is located at 500 24th Street, Gulfport, Mississippi 39507. The phone number is (888) 603-4222.

The Back Bay Mission provides housing assistance to people who are both chronically homeless and have a mental disorder. This rental assistance is only for veterans who have been honorably discharged. This is the address and phone number for a business in Biloxi, MS. I will be there in a moment I’ll be there in a second.

The Mississippi Regional Housing Authority VI provides housing assistance to residents in Canton, Edwards, Pearl, Port Gibson, and Yazoo City, Mississippi. This non-profit organization can be contacted by phone for more information. The Section 8 program in Mississippi provides housing assistance to low-income individuals and families. Section 8 vouchers can be used to help cover the cost of rent and utilities. The Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program helps almost 5000 families every year. Furthermore, they manage a significant amount of affordable housing apartments and units in the area. To speak with someone at our office, please call (601) 373-7040.

The Good Samaritan Center provides emergency rental assistance for families who have been faced with a crisis that is out of their control. Families or individuals must be facing an unplanned (and confirmed) emergency or difficult situation that is out of their control and that they did not cause. In addition to seeking help from government assistance programs, it is also helpful to get referrals from other people. The address is 114 Millsaps Avenue, Jackson, MS 39202. The phone number is (601) 355-6276.

The Multi-County Community Service Agency is a non-profit organization that provides services to people of all ages, from adolescents to the elderly. No matter what your circumstances are or how old you are, they can help you with things like finding a place to live. Some schools may offer a small amount of money to help with expenses, as well as advice from counselors.

Case managers will work with families to help them become more independent over time. They can improve the situation by addressing the root causes of issues in education, employment, health, housing, income management, and budgeting. Paying your rent over the long term requires you to be self-sufficient. The address is 2900 St. Paul Street, Meridian, MS 39301. The phone number is (601) 483-4838 or 1-800-898-0659.

The Voice Of Calvary Ministries only helps veterans who are struggling to pay their rent or mortgage, and as a result, are at risk of becoming homeless. The Soldier on Soldier program is a program that helps soldiers who are struggling. The program is run from their office in Jackson, MS. The government provides financial assistance to military members in Mississippi to help with rental and housing costs. This assistance comes in the form of grants and other services. If you need help, please call (866) 406-8449.

The MS State Department of Health – Division of STD/HIV is responsible for the HOPWA (Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS). This agency provides emergency rental assistance, as well as information and referrals to resources. 3rd Ave.C The address is 570 E. 3rd Ave. Woodrow Wilson is located in the Osbourne Building, Room 350 in Jackson, Mississippi. To reach Woodrow Wilson, dial (601) 576-7723.

If you are in need of emergency rental assistance, Catholic Charities City of Natchez may have limited funds available to help you. There are other sources of government assistance that you may be eligible for. Learn about these programs and get help applying for them. This is the local branch of a charity organization that is very popular throughout the nation. If you are in Natchez Mississippi and you need to reach the police, dial 601-442-0142.

The Salvation Army provides social services to low-income people to help them meet their immediate needs. This can include expenses related to housing, such as rent. They work to assist as many people as possible who come for assistance. This is the address and phone number for Presto Ln. in Jackson, MS.

The Mississippi Regional Housing Authority IV provides affordable, safe housing for thousands of families in northern Mississippi. The housing program provides assistance to residents of Oktibbeha, Carroll, Choctaw, Clay, Lowndes, Montgomery, and Winston counties. They are responsible for the section 8 housing program in that area of the state, and there are thousands of people in their area who qualify for vouchers. This is the address and phone number for a place in Columbus, Mississippi.

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