Rhode Island uninsured health care programs.

If you live in Rhode Island and do not have health insurance, you may still be able to get free or affordable medical care. There are a number of state-sponsored resources available to low-income families and individuals who are struggling to pay for their medical bills.

There are several primary programs to explore in Rhode Island. Some organizations are directly funded by the state, while others receive funding from regional non-profits or the federal government. The government can provide healthcare to patients with preexisting conditions, help people afford medication, and address a number of other needs. Some resources are provided to those who are children, seniors, or have disabilities. Every year, thousands of people in Rhode Island benefit from one or more of these options.

There are government programs that help children with special health care needs. The state and non-profit organizations can work together to help pay for medical and health-related expenses for children who qualify, the disabled, and those who meet other conditions. This is the phone number for 401-462-5300.

The Rhode Island Early Intervention Program is a state-funded program that provides services to families of children with developmental disabilities who lack health insurance. The child needs to be three years old or younger. The phone number to reach someone is 401-462-5300.

The Katie Beckett program helps children with special health care needs. This means that children who would normally be sent to a hospital or other institution will be able to stay at home. The organization can help pay for the health costs and medical bills for qualifying children from low income families that have special needs and that are uninsured. The money paid out needs to help the child to stay at their home. The program is free for families who make less money and meet the requirements. Call this number for more information.

The Rhode Island Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan (PCXIPRI) helps people with pre-existing medical conditions pay for health care. The government will make sure that people are not denied health insurance coverage because of preexisting conditions or their health status. This means that if you cannot get insurance from another source, this may be a cheaper option for you, as the person will still have to pay some of their own bills. The main phone number for this company is 800-505-2583.

The Rhode Island Pharmaceutical Assistance to Elderly program can help with the costs of Medicare Part D copayments. This program may assist with the cost of medication. The state will also try to get cheaper prices for certain medications. This means that if you use the discount program, you may still have to pay some of your bill yourself. The program will pay for all or part of the co-payment for certain drugs, up to a maximum of $1,500. For more information, please call 401-462-3000.

This assistance program is for those who do not have health insurance and have a low income. This study includes mostly pregnant women, children, families with young children, and people who are blind, disabled, or elderly. If you earn below a certain amount, you can access all services for free. The program can pay for medical expenses such as hospitalization, emergency ambulance, physician visits, lab & x-ray services, and other medical bills.

The RIte Care program is Rhode Island’s managed care program. This is insurance that is sponsored by the government for families or individuals. They will need to enroll in a verified health plan. No monthly premiums are owed by families with income below 150% of the poverty line. The RIte Care program covers a range of services including emergency care, laboratory work, and dental cleanings. This is a customer service number for a state program.

Rite Share is a health premium assistance program for families with employer or private health insurance. It helps families pay for their health insurance premiums. It can help with expenses such as co-pays and premiums. The main phone number for the company is 401-462-0311.

The Vaccines for Children Program provides free or low-cost medications and vaccines for children in Rhode Island. Clinics and other medical providers in the state offer these services to those who lack insurance and who can’t afford to pay them on their own. The goal is to prevent diseases from occurring. Please call 401-222-1580.

The Ryan White HIV Care Program provides assistance to people who are living with HIV and/or AIDS. If they are uninsured and meet other guidelines, patients can get help paying for medications and even other expenses, like housing. Medications that have been approved by the FDA can be used for people who have HIV/AIDS. Please call 401-222-4610.

The SCUP program provides free colorectal cancer screenings to qualified Rhode Islanders who do not have health insurance. The government provides free screening and testing for STDs in partnership with non-profit organizations and clinics. The phone number 401-222-5960 belongs to a phone company.

The Women’s Cancer Screening Program offers free breast and cervical cancer screenings. It can help cover the cost of tests like pelvic exams, mammograms, and more. To find out where to get tested for coronavirus and how the process works, call 401-222-4324.

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