Richland County and Columbia SC transitional housing and low income accommodations.

There are temporary housing sites across Richland County that can provide short-term accommodations for residents who are homeless or on the verge of eviction. This means that there are agencies that can help you find and move into a more permanent home.

Some organizations, such as Alston Wilkes Society, focus on helping a specific group, such as veterans. Other transitional housing programs that help families are more available in the greater Columbia area. The majority of the locations will not only give you a place to stay for a short amount of time, but the social workers will also give you the opportunity to learn how to be self-sufficient as well as having access to food, clothes, and more. There are also low-income and transitional housing options available, in addition to the free homeless shelters listed below. Section 8 rent subsidies are also available for South Carolina residents.

This location provides transitional housing for women and also supports some parts of Richland County. It can provide referrals as well.

The Midlands Housing Alliance only provides housing assistance to single people and does not accept children. The purpose of shelter and transitional housing is to provide a place for the chronically homeless to stay, so they are not living on the streets. The organization also offers a day center, operates a food pantry and serves meals, and helps client’s secure permanent housing in Richland County. Some of the units will also have clients stay for up to 2 years.

The Trinity Housing Corporation Center provides case management, transitional housing, and job placement and educational services to help people in need. The center is located at 2400 Waites Rd in Columbia, SC. For more information, please call (803) 256-3999. They also run an after school program.

Hannah House is a ministry that provides clothing and housing for single parents and families with children. They also help place people into low income apartments or homes. A winter shelter is also available.

At Pilgrim’s Inn, we can help you with financial aid for rent or bills, as well as connect you with housing resources.

The Alston Wilkes Society helps those who have served in the military, those who are incarcerated, and those who are very poor. Case managers can help people apply for housing benefits and connect them with other social services.

The number is (803) 779-4706. The address is 3425 N Main St Columbia, SC 29203.

Maret Place is a 1485 Otts Shoals in Roebuck, South Carolina 29376. The phone number is (864) 497-4335.

The Family Shelter is a place where families can go to get emergency shelter, free meals, laundry and other facilities. The main address is 2411 Two Notch Rd Columbia, SC 29204. You can enroll your children, infants, and parents too. The charity provides temporary accommodation and other support services to homeless families with children.

Volunteers of America Carolinas provides affordable housing for low-income and rent-subsidized residents across the Carolinas, including in Richland County. The agency will provide assistance to veterans and the homeless in order to help them gain employment and improve their lives. Other emergency shelters also provide child care.

Stepping Stones Ministries Inc. provides job readiness training as well as short-term housing solutions, food, and referrals to deposit programs and other support services.

The office for this company is located at 302 Mill Road North in Abbeville, South Carolina. The phone number for the office is 864-299-4243.

Maret PlaceAddress is a transitional housing center for homeless veterans located at 1485 Otts ShoalsRoebuck in South Carolina. The center can be contacted at (864) 497-4335.

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