Richmond and regional Catholic Charity financial assistance.

Catholic Charities provides assistance to low income people and families every day in Richmond, Henrico County, and other parts of Virginia such as Roanoke. The primary assistance program offered is called HELP. This program offers shorter term assistance and longer term planning. This organization can help people in need by providing them with financial assistance, food, and a place to stay. They can also help with long-term planning and case management. The locations also have partnerships with centers in Hampton Roads, Roanoke, and Norton Virginia.

Help is available for low income individuals in Richmond Virginia who are facing a crisis. There are various forms of assistance that can be provided, depending on the need. This can include support for making payments on rent or mortgage that is overdue. You can also pay your utility bills, which include heating oil, water, electricity, and natural gas. You may be able to get free food and meals. One resources available for those at risk of homelessness or eviction in the Richmond Virginia region is referral information for homeless prevention in Virginia.

There is only a limited amount of financial assistance available, and it can only be applied for during certain hours. In order to speak to a counselor from the Catholic Charity HELP program, you need to dial 804.285.5986. Aid is offered on a first come first served basis. The agency will provide the assistance needed to resolve a crisis, as well as offer education and job training. Call 540.342.0411 if you’re a family in Roanoke.

Part of the self-sufficiency addressed is offered from having good budgeting skills and getting credit counseling. People face many different financial issues that can cause a lot of stress. The HELP program offers services such as Debt Management and Repayment, which is a counseling and debt repayment service licensed by the Virginia State Corporation Commission. This resource can help clients create a budget that will allow them to live without financial stress.

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The Richmond Catholic Charities organization offers a HELP-Debt Management plan which provides free credit counseling to individuals and families. Specialists can help with managing money, reducing debt, consolidating loans, housing, and preventing foreclosure. They can also advise on financial stability and security. There is more information available on credit counseling in Virginia.

If you are enrolled in the program, you will work with a certified credit counselor to analyze your budget, spending patterns, and savings. They will analyze your total household income and help you design a budget that you can work with. Your credit counselor will also help you with money management techniques and, if needed, set up and manage a debt management plan to help you pay your bills, outstanding loans and your creditors.

The goal of the plan is to assist families in Henrico County and Richmond with getting caught up on their payments and to repay their creditors. The goal is to keep things from getting worse, like bankruptcy.

Many creditors agree with the methods that Catholic Charities uses. The plan is liked by most lenders, creditors, banks, and mortgage servicers. This means that the creditors people owe money to will often make it easier for them to pay by lowering monthly payments, reducing finance charges, or stopping late fees. They also stop or possibly completely suspend debt collection activity, which means no more phone calls at work or home from bill collectors.

The Richmond Catholic Charity Homeless Point of Entry is a program that provides assistance to people who are currently homeless. The program offers resources and support to help people get back on their feet and into stable housing. If you are homeless and need somewhere to stay, you can go to this place. They will help you with things like finding a place to live and managing your money. The program provides families and individuals with the resources they need to find and maintain permanent housing, as well as become self-sufficient.

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The Richmond center is located at 1512 Willow Lawn Dr., Richmond, VA 23230. To reach someone by phone, dial (804) 285-5900.

There are immigration programs that you can apply for. The federal government has a lot of rules and regulations regarding immigration. If you are trying to figure out the rules and regulations yourself, it can be confusing and frustrating. The Board of Immigration Appeals has accredited the Richmond Catholic Charity organization’s multilingual staff to provide free or low-cost immigration advice and assistance in completing the process.

The complex procedures and paperwork involved in immigration should not stand in the way of people getting the status they deserve. Catholic Charities is the only non-profit agency in the Richmond, Hampton, and Roanoke areas that offers affordable immigration counseling to those with limited incomes and resources.

Saint Francis House is a organization that helps families in need. They provide things like food, clothing, and baby items to qualified families in the Roanoke area. The center helps people with their immediate needs. The house is a place where people can come and get food from Feeding America Southwest Virginia. They also work with local churches, corporations, and private individuals to help get food to people who need it. This place is situated at 541 Luck Ave SW, Roanoke, and its phone number is (540) 344-2749.

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