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Rockland County Salvation Army programs.

The Salvation Army of Rockland County is a non-profit organization that helps people who are in a crisis. The worker can also help connect the client to programs that will teach them how to be independent. The goal of the agency’s staff is to help people stay independent and stable. They have locations in multiple places in the region.

The Salvation Army in Rockland County and the town of New City can help people with things like utility bills, rent, and food. They try to help people find solutions that will allow them to keep their lives stable.

Assistance for food to prevent hunger

There is free food available from the organization. Pantries will not only offer groceries but they will also provide other necessities, such as clothing and personal hygiene items, to individuals year-round. This will help people in need to get access to the items they need to survive and thrive. There is also a focus on making sure that children and elderly people have enough food to eat.

The pantries in the region have been set up so that clients can choose what they want. This means that the client of Rockland County Salvation Army can choose which food they want, and not be given a set amount of food. So if the pantry has fresh fruits, rice, canned goods, or even baby formula, the person can select it.

Meals on Wheels delivers meals to people who are unable to leave their homes. This will help the senior citizen or disabled person to live independently and stay at home. Some of the benefits of receiving a meal from Salvation Army in Rockland County include the low cost of the meal and the fact that the meal is healthy. Additionally, the service provides an opportunity for socializing and connecting with others in the community. There will be a visitor coming to see the clients. The arrangement will allow them to have daily contact with someone and also receive check-ups on their well-being. A free lunch is typically brought to someone’s home. This is usually for people age 60 and up. But as noted, other individuals who use this resource may have a disability.

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There is also a soup kitchen in New City. The menu options at the center are diverse and the food is both nutritious and delicious. Each month, hundreds of people who are struggling receive a warm meal and companionship. Options for assistance include a hot meal every day, holiday items for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and more. The Rockland County Salvation Army provides assistance to low income and homeless individuals.

Rockland Salvation Army emergency assistance

One-time, direct financial assistance is available to those in need. The non-profit organization may give out cash grants to help families during a crisis. There may be money available to help with homelessness and other urgent needs. This means that people on low incomes may be able to get help with paying for things like rent, utilities, transport and certain medical needs and prescription drugs. There may be vouchers for gasoline or help with prescription glasses. This means that there is only a finite amount of them and they are not renewable.

They also manage the Fuel Fund in the region. This resource is designed to help seniors and the disabled pay their heating bills during the fall and winter months. Financial aid is available to help cover the costs. The Salvation Army can help you determine if you qualify for this program.

You’ll need to provide some documentation to verify your identity and income. This program is only for residents of the county. However, immigrants can also seek help from other programs. Families who apply for support may be eligible to receive a certain amount of money. This means that clients will be referred to programs that can help them become self-sufficient in Rockland County, New York.

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The Case Management process helps clients who are facing difficult situations. The social workers at the Salvation Army Family Corp center help people stay stable by working with them individually. This non-profit will provide the resources needed for employment or financial literacy.

Basic needs and holiday programs.

The Salvation Army in Rockland County relies mostly on donations to fund its programs. The food pantry resources may also be combined with the aid. This includes, but is not limited to, clothing, Christmas toys, limited housewares, and more. They will be given clothes and other holiday necessities through the thrift store and other holiday support.

The Back to School resources are for students who attend schools in the Rockland County area. The Backpack Program provides school supplies for children in need. Registration for the program is first come and served during the summer months. There may be free school supplies like uniforms, notebooks, backpacks, and more. This support comes from churches and donors who live near the organization.

The Angel Tree and Gifts for Kids programs are designed to help children in need. These programs provide items such as clothes, toys, and books to children who may not otherwise have access to them. Low income families who need help providing gifts for their infants or teenagers can register for assistance in the fall. People and businesses in Rockland County will be generous and buy items for children and teenagers. There are also meals that can be eaten for free.

Phone number to apply for Salvation Army services in Rockland County

The Salvation Corps also provides other services. Non-profits help with things like providing free Thanksgiving meals and coordinating relief efforts during a disaster. They also provide financial assistance and ongoing advice to people who need it. The primary location for this company is at 440 West Nyack Road in West Nyack, New York. You can also call them at (845) 620-7200 for more information. Another site is located at 179 North Main Street, Spring Valley, New York. This site’s phone number is (845) 352-9577.

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