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Sacramento County free clothing closets, school supplies, and furniture programs.

Thousands of families in Sacramento and northern California can receive free clothes, assistance with holidays, free baby supplies, school supplies, or critical furniture items. There are places where you can get help getting furniture or clothes for free. There are many different types of clients that social workers help, such as low income families, migrant workers, and the elderly.

Some locations, such as thrift stores, will not only provide furniture for free, but will also give free vouchers. They will sell goods that have been used by other families at a low cost. Some non-profits in Sacramento may provide vouchers that people can redeem for clothing or other necessary supplies.

The places where you can get affordable clothes locally, such as clothing closets, thrift stores, and distribution centers, usually depend on donations from the public. If you have any useful information that could help them, please share it with them. The clothes, shoes and furniture that are not needed anymore can be given to people who need them in Sacramento. This organization provides food to those in need.

Families, children, students and teenagers will be able to benefit from affordable, used school clothing, work uniforms, shoes, Christmas toys and gifts, furniture, and other household goods. Free clothing banks are also helpful for people who are new to the area, whether immigrants who speak Spanish or migrant farm workers.

It has a food bank, clothing closet, and provides other services. Abundant Life Fellowship is a non-profit organization that provides food, clothing, and other services to residents of Citrus Heights and Roseville, California. We will give away free clothes and possibly some food too. Includes shoes, uniforms, diapers, kitchen tables, pots and pans, beds, and more.

The Assistance League of Sacramento helps people in the Sacramento area who are in need. They have programs for both seniors and children. OSB is a program that helps children in need get new clothes for school. This helps children and students in elementary to high school in different school districts in California including Folsom Cordova Unified School District, Sacramento County Unified School District, the San Juan District, and one school in the Washington. Students are eligible for free back to school supplies, shoes, books, book bags, school clothes or uniforms.

The Capitol City Adventist Community Services is a organization located in Sacramento, CA that helps the local community. Their main location is on Lemon Hill Avenue and their phone number is (916) 381-5353.

Christmas Cheer, Inc. is a non-profit organization that helps to make Christmas possible for underprivileged children and families in the South Lake Tahoe area. The organization provides Christmas presents and food to families in need, as well as puts on a Christmas party for the community. Christmas Cheer, Inc. relies on donations and fundraisers to support its work. Each year, the community comes together to distribute Christmas dinner baskets, free toys, gifts, and more to children in need. This Christmas tradition is a way for the community to show its support and care for its youngest members. The shelter also has access to meals and food, clothing, and small household goods. Some people may offer birthday gifts.

The Salvation Army Family Store is a great place to find low cost goods. They also have a program where they give out free gift cards or stuff in a crisis. There are many items that people need or want around holiday time. Some examples of these items are special foods for holiday meals, presents or new clothes for Christmas or a birthday, school supplies such as a uniform or a book bag, and new shoes or furniture. Employees also help those seeking employment and those who work on farms with their essential needs. The goal is to help students from K-12 get free back to school supplies, Chromebooks, backpacks and other goods. The Salvation Army provides assistance programs in Sacramento to help those in need. Some of the programs offered include food assistance, clothing assistance, and financial assistance.

Elk Grove Community Assistance Network offers free clothes, shoes, boots, and winter attire. There are programs that can help those who are struggling to get by. This includes help for migrant workers, single mothers, and students who are still in school.

The Sacramento Food Bank, Clothing Closet & Family Services is a location where people can get food, clothes, and other family services. Referrals to this place can be made through local social welfare organizations, churches, non-profit organizations, and hospitals.

Our clothing closet is located at 6489 47th Street in Sacramento, CA. Our phone number is 916-422-4962.

Many families in Sacramento County are low income and cannot afford furniture. This furniture bank offers free furniture to these families. There is a wide range of furniture that can be used in a home, including couches, beds for kids, tables, kitchen supplies, and car seats. There could be some medical equipment like wheelchairs and crutches available. The number to dial is 916-635-0664.

Delta Food Bank and Community Services provides free clothing to those in need. They also have a furniture bank where people can donate or receive furniture for free. For more information, you can call them at (916) 775-1479. Furniture such as tables, beds, and linens, as well as small appliances and general clothing items, are given out to those in need.

The Elk Grove Food Bank provides food assistance to residents of Elk Grove, CA. They can be contacted at (916) 685-8453.

The Family Resource Center is designed to help families cope with the challenges of poverty and economic hardship. Apply for government benefits that can help with food costs, such as Cal-Fresh. There are many organizations that can provide free or low-cost clothing and personal hygiene items. Some of these organizations include clothing closets, food pantries, and soup kitchens.

The First Baptist Church of North Sacramento is located at 2601 Del Paso Blvd. in Sacramento, CA. The church can be reached by phone at (916) 922-9365.

The Food and Clothes Closet at Orangevale 7th Day Adventist is a place where people can go to get food and clothes. The center is located at 5810 Pecan Avenue, Orangevale, CA 95662. To contact the center, call (916) 967-0405.

The Food Locker and Clothes Closet is a place where people in need can go to get food and clothes. It is located at 1321 Anna Street in West Sacramento, CA. The phone number is (916) 371-1211.

The Glory Bound Street Ministry is a place where people can go to get help. They offer many services such as food and clothing. They are located at 4527 Parker Avenue in Sacramento, CA. Their phone number is 916-452-7078.

The Green Valley Community Church is located at 3500 Missouri Flat Road in Placerville, California. The church’s telephone number is (530) 622-3231.

The Knights Landing Family Resource Center provides programs and services to help low-income and struggling families in the community. Services include help with housing, food, education, and other needs. Bilingual (Spanish) services are available, which can include referrals to parenting classes, case management, teen parenting support group, on-site mental health services for children, domestic violence, etc., and health insurance outreach. There are other resources that can be used, such as a closet full of clothes that can be given away, a library with information on resources for children, the Woodland Youth Council, and children’s books.

The Sacramento Southgate SDA Church provides clothing, baby food and supplies, and meals to the homeless and very low income individuals and families. This assistance is available to those who reside in the Sacramento area. There are free items available for single mothers or immigrants, such as blankets, hygiene items, and school supplies for kids. The program may also provide free diapers and wipes for participants. There is more information on Saint Vincent in Sacramento.

Street The Short Term Emergency Aid Committee (STEAC) is an organization that provides emergency assistance to people in need. The address is 8th Street in Davis, CA, and the phone number is (530) 758-8435.

The St. Vincent de Paul Folsom Conference offers free clothing to those in need. They are located at 307 Montrose Drive, Folsom, California, 95630. You can reach them at (916) 985-4630. The Salvation Army works with local churches and may be able to provide some financial assistance if you meet the qualifications. These funds may come from a variety of sources, including governmental agencies, churches, and charities. Emergency funds may be available to help with rent, utilities, and other everyday living expenses. The funds may come from different places, like government agencies, churches, and charities. A low cost store that sells vintage goods, furniture, and other household items.

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