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Saint Cloud and Stearns County Catholic Charities emergency assistance.

Catholic Charities provides services that can help families in St. Cloud and Stearns County deal with crisis situations. The resources offered include clothes, food, housing and possibly small amounts of financial help. They may have their own funds, or partner with other local non-profit organizations, churches and government programs to get the help they need.

St. Cloud residents have access to food assistance through community donations and partnerships with food-related organizations such as Second Harvest Heartland, Minnesota FoodShare, and Minnesota Hunger Partners. They work with Catholic Charities to make sure food pantries always have food available to help people in need. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, the food court offers food. On occasion, there is a special senior program that allows for a discounted meal.

There is clothing available. New and used clothing, such as winter coats, shoes and school items are available for children, adults, and infants. There are community giving and in-kind donations available as well as clothing from our volunteer-maintained display racks. There is a selection of both new and slightly used clothing and shoes for infants, children, seniors, and adults.

Catholic Charities may offer financial help to qualified families in the St. Cloud area who are facing a crisis. This means that if you need help, it will depend on how much money is available and what kind of problem you are having. You should call the agency to ask about any small financial assistance options that may be available in an emergency.

The Good Samaritan Fund is a primary emergency assistance program. This resource looks for ways to improve the lives of low income families and people who need emergency assistance. The Catholic Charity fund helps people with things they need, like paying for a place to live or fixing their car. They also help with things like getting medical care or having enough to eat.

There is housing available in Stearns County and the central region of Minnesota. The agency can help meet the demand for families and individuals who need affordable housing that is transitional or has special needs. Catholic Charities will be hosting events that focus on helping individuals with housing problems. The agency provides low-cost housing at dozens of communities, as well as transitional housing services in St. Cloud Minnesota.

Medication Management can help improve the quality of life for seniors. The program is offered at the following locations. A pharmacist who has been certified by a board can provide a presentation on medication issues to clients who schedule an appointment. The pharmacist and the senior review medications, they will discuss proper management of medications and also advise on drug side effects.

The medication program is offered at various locations. The Whitney Senior Center in St. Cloud and the Crystal Court Apartments in Princeton, Minnesota are both great places to live. They offer a variety of amenities and activities for residents, and they are close to many different attractions. There are other locations besides the Senior Center in Onamia.

The Catholic Charities Senior Dining Program can help seniors by providing them with lunches and meals. The program is designed to help elderly and senior citizens live independently and healthily. The agency provides affordable, nutritious lunches to retired, working, and semi-retired people over the age of 60. This center offers many different types of food and meal plans for its clients. The Agency on Aging in Minnesota has several programs that can help seniors with a variety of needs. These programs can provide assistance with things like food, transportation, and housing. There are also programs that can help seniors stay active and involved in their communities.

The Meals on Wheels Program provides affordable, low-cost lunches and maybe even dinners to the homes of people who are at risk, such as the ill, elderly, homebound, and vulnerable persons. The applicants must be 60 years old or more, and must live in one of the regions of central Minnesota. The agency can help deliver low-cost, nutritious meals to homebound senior citizens who need them.

Share the Holiday Spirit helps with Christmas. The Share the Spirit program from Catholic Charities helps link families, individuals, and groups who want to donate gifts, toys, and food to families in need. People who need help are referred to this charity by local human service agencies. This means that whatever you tell us will be kept private and will not be shared with anyone else.

Parents can select additional gifts for their children like books, hats, mittens, stuffed animals, school supplies and stocking stuffers. Some appropriate gifts that can be given to children are cash donations, new unwrapped toys, or even gift cards.

The US Marine Corps League, Valhalla Detachment offers additional holiday aid. The corps sponsors and coordinates the St. Cloud Area Toys For Tots program to help children from families in need. New toys, clothing and more are bought or collected to give to approximately 2,000 children in the community.

How to find assistance from Stearn County Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Saint Cloud, Minnesota is located at 911 18th St N, St. Cloud, MN 56302. This organization provides a variety of services to those in need, including food, clothing, and shelter. To reach customer service, please call 320-650-1550.

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