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Salem County Salvation Army emergency assistance programs.

The Salem County Salvation Army is a church that helps people in need, both in the short and long term. It is based on Christianity. There may be free supplies for going back to school, rent or energy bill help, homeless shelters, Christmas toys and other items. The goal of the charity is to help less fortunate people by providing social services.

There are a few core services and priorities available in the community. They provide assistance with basic needs like housing and food, as well as services for children, mentoring, and holiday support. The Salem County church has a few other focuses, such as helping people keep their power on, offering stability through case management, disaster relief, and working to end poverty overall. The Salvation Army works to solve problems like these and more.

Housing and food assistance from the Salvation Army

The team at the Salem County Salvation Army believes that everyone is entitled to food and a roof over their heads if they work hard and make an effort. A few assistance programs are available for people who need help. The center helps people with their needs by giving them free food and financial assistance.

The goal is to offer housing support and food, which may include paying rent or an electric bill, free boxes of groceries from the Salem County pantry, emergency shelter for the homeless, and housing for seniors and veterans. This means that instead of giving the client money to buy the item, the organization provides the item itself. Other programs may also be offered.

Salem County seasonal assistance programs

The Salvation Army in Salem County wants to make sure that all families have a happy holiday season. There are young, round programs for holidays including Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. The services offered on holidays vary in name and offerings. Each year, around Christmas time, Angel Tree provides Christmas gifts for children, adopted families receive Thanksgiving or Christmas meals, and free Thanksgiving turkeys and Easter baskets are given out.

The Salvation Army provides social services to children in Salem County. They help with a summer camp for students when school is not in session. They also try to give the children a snack or meal during that time.

Seasonal and holiday programs can also help youth from low income families. So they can receive the Christmas gifts or school supplies that are mentioned above. The Salem County Salvation Army is committed to ensuring that children are not negatively impacted by their parents’ hardships.

Free case management

The Salem County Salvation Army offers both case management and mentoring services. Social workers will explain the different options available to the client. This is what is available to help you. The help can come in the form of clothing for work or the use of a computer to help find a job. There may be a bus pass or gasoline voucher available to help with the cost of getting to a local job interview.

The Salvation Army will use the ministry from the church as a form of stabilization to give people the guidance they need. These weekly sessions are open to everyone, regardless of their religious beliefs. The advice is given without judgement and participants can also be given some hot meals or cold drinks at the same time.

The center may provide more than what is listed. They try to be responsive to the needs of the community. The assistance programs may be different in the future. This could mean that during winter or summer, people may have to spend more money on things like heating or air conditioning bills. Or, they might work with partners like the American Red Cross to help out during a disaster. But all of these resources depend on funding.

Apply for Salvation Army programs in Salem County

For more information about Salvation Army social services in Salem County, please call (856) 696-5252. However, you will need to make an appointment when you need help.

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