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Salvation Army assistance programs Cartersville and Bartow County.

The Salvation Army in Cartersville, Georgia provides free food, Christmas toys, school supplies, and emergency financial aid to low income families in Bartow County. This assistance helps these families to meet their basic needs and improve their quality of life. The church provides families with services and resources they need to improve their lives. They also offer basic necessities to those who are less fortunate. The Cartersville Salvation Army also has a utility bill assistance program called Project Share.

For people who qualify for help with things like rent or energy bills, the resources are very limited. The Salvation Army is often backlogged with requests for assistance, but will prioritize those in an immediate crisis. They also support those who are able and willing to help themselves. When applying for financial aid, bring documentation that proves your income, residency, copy of your social security cards, and other supporting documentation.

Types of emergency help from Salvation Army in Cartersville

The Bartow County Salvation Army provides many different types of assistance, including help with housing, food, clothing, and more. This list is not permanent and resources are not always available. Some programs are offered only at certain times of year, like Christmas Angel Tree and summer camps for kids. Others are offered all year round, like shelter and disaster relief.

– Money that can be used to help pay for bills related to rent, water, utilities, medical prescriptions, and job-related expenses. There are also programs to help with utility bills and Project Share in GA.

The Salvation Army in Cartersville, Georgia, has staff who provide water, food, meals, clothing, and other types of support to people affected by disasters.

Shelters provide a safe and warm place to stay for people who are homeless or need to escape the cold weather.

Without these places, they would go hungry. The food pantry and soup kitchen provide free food and meals to those who are hungry, poor, and low income. Without these places, many people would go hungry. Some people may need help getting food because they are old or have a disability.

We exist to meet human need wherever, whenever, and however we can. The Bartow County Salvation Army provides assistance during Christmas time in the form of free toys from the Angel Tree, meals, food boxes, and more. We exist to meet human need wherever, whenever, and however we can. There are other resources available too, like the Angel Tree Christmas assistance programs.

The camps offer many benefits for students and children such as meals, recreational activities, and others.

This particular approach is designed to help individuals and families develop long-term goals and identify the resources and support needed to achieve them.

The Salvation Army in Bartow County offers job placement, resume review, and career counseling as part of their case management services. This is a great resource for the unemployed and underemployed to get advice on their career path.

Notes: -The back to school season is when notebooks, shoes, clothing, pens, pencils, tablets, and other items are given out to students from K to 12. -This is the time of year when students and their parents go shopping for all the supplies they need for the upcoming school year.

The thrift store and clothing closet at the Salvation Army provide low-income or homeless individuals with free hygiene supplies, clothing, and household items.

The Salvation Army location in Bartow County is a thrift store where residents can buy low cost items. Many different items are sold at this store, including furniture, beds, electronics, books, and more.

Some programs may help pay for medications, or residents can get referred to programs that offer assistance with prescriptions.

The Salvation Army provides support to the elderly in the form of home delivered meals or information on supportive housing. This support is available to all elderly people, regardless of their income.

Other needs can be met depending on the situation. This list is not comprehensive. The Salvation Army in Bartow County will offer various assistance programs at different times, depending on funding levels, donations, and other factors.

Phone number for Salvation Army programs in Bartow County

For more information on resources, call (770) 387-9955. If you need assistance from the Salvation Army in Bartow County, you will need to go through an intake process, which will include a face-to-face interview. The main office for this company is located at 16 Felton Pl, Cartersville, GA 30120.

Most programs change over time. This means that the first people to request and qualify for aid will receive it, and those who request it later may not get it. When the program is over, no more help can be given, but people can still be referred to other resources.

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