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Salvation Army assistance programs Hartford County Maryland.

The Salvation Army is an organization that helps low income and less fortunate people in the region of Havre de Grace and Hartford County, regardless of their religion, age, race, or background. There are many different types of assistance that may be available, such as help with rent or utility bills, free food or school supplies, or other types of aid.

This organization has locations throughout Maryland that provide services to families. They sometimes partner with other organizations in the area to provide additional resources. The majority of aid is for essential needs and will typically incorporate some form of case management. Other Salvation Army services include providing transitional housing, giving out free winter clothes, providing Christmas gifts, and serving holiday meals.

The Salvation Army centers are always the busiest during the winter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas season. The staff at each location try to help as many people as possible, especially those who are in the most need. Christmas in Hartford County is a time when people donate money and gifts to families in need. This allows them to have a better Christmas.

The Salvation Army helps families, seniors, and children have a great holiday season. They try their best to make it happen. Some of the services offered by the Salvation Army during the holidays include free food, meals, the Angel Tree Program, Adopt-a-Family, and free holiday food baskets. This organization provides clothing, gifts, and toys for children during Christmas and Thanksgiving.

With the help of different local organizations, businesses, and charities, Angel Trees and donation spots are set up each year around Christmas time to provide less fortunate kids with presents and a memorable Christmas. People can help this holiday program by giving presents.

The monthly cost of utilities and electricity is increasing, making it difficult for people in the community to pay their bills. This is especially true for heating costs in Hartford County, Maryland. An energy or water shutoff is a very real possibility for too many people. The Salvation Army partners with the government and local charities to offer short-term cash assistance for energy and water bills. The amount of money that a site gets varies depending on the time of year and the location.

No family should have to go without food. The Salvation Army is committed to addressing and ending homelessness. No one deserves to go hungry, so places like food pantries and soup kitchens offer free or low-cost meals to those in need. They may also provide other groceries like free food boxes or holiday gift baskets. The Salvation Army provides hot meals, groceries, and canned goods to families and individuals who are struggling.

Food from local grocers and food drives is put into each box based on donations. Fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables, canned and frozen meat, Milk and dairy products, rice, bread, diapers, free baby formula and more are offered. This means that residents of Hartford County will be given free food, which may include things like canned goods or fresh produce, as well as other healthy items. If you need help with food, contact your local Corps Family Services for information or referrals to public aid programs like SNAP.

School supplies may be handed out to students in the fall. This may include school supplies such as paper, pens, rulers, folders, backpacks, erasers, crayons, shoes, and glue sticks. The school supply list is very long. Some parents in the Hartford County region cannot afford the items they need, especially with the current economic conditions in Maryland. If you have more than one child, it becomes even harder on parents. The Salvation Army has a program where they fill backpacks with school supplies and give them to families in need. This program happens across the region and state.

There is always a shelter open in the state. The organization will give you a place to sleep, food to eat, and help you figure out your next steps. A person will ideally get help in finding and paying rent on a new residence in Bel Air or Hartford County. This means that the shelter would not be their permanent home.

Senior centers are run by churches and agencies that specialize in helping the elderly. A center for elderly and older adults can be visited. Clients can get access to Nutritious lunches, Computer Classes, Educational workshops & presentations, and more. They can also be used in hot or cold weather events.

How to apply for Salvation Army services in Hartford County

The main office is located in Havre de Grace, but support can be arranged across the county. To reach someone by telephone at (410) 939-3535, one would dial that number on their telephone.

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