Assistance Program

Salvation Army assistance programs in Jefferson Davis and Acadia Parish.

The Salvation Army center in the Jefferson Davis area serves a large region. There is no one specific location for these parishes. Many people who need help with their immigration applications have to travel to a Family Service Center, which can be difficult and time-consuming. Because there are only a limited number of these centers, they can be very crowded and resources are often stretched thin. This church-based group provides several social services.

There are various types of assistance programs available. The following are some examples. This means that the availability of these programs can change depending on how much money is available. Even if a charity cannot help you directly, they may be able to give you referrals to other organizations that can.

There are emergency financial aid in the form of grants to pay for bills such as water, rent, utilities, or free food boxes. The Center of Hope is a transitional housing/case management service. Free Christmas toys, gifts, and even meals for families in Jefferson Davis Parish are part of the Angel Tree program. There are ministries for both men and women, including single moms or dads. The Salvation Army helps students and children through programs like summer camps and after school care. They also respond to disasters in Acadia and Jefferson Parish. They have a low cost thrift store that sells items to the community and raises money for their assistance programs.

There are three main types of aid: financial, emotional, and physical. This means that the money you have available to pay your bills will be limited, and there may be other restrictions on how you can use it.

More details on social services

The Center of Hope is a place where people who are homeless or have been homeless can go to get help, as well as anyone who wants a fresh start. This service provides customers with a variety of different resources. The first is an emergency, overnight shelter which gets people off the streets and into a safe and warm place. The transitional housing program provides a place to stay for people who have graduated from the shelter.

Clients at this organization can get free meals, clothing, and information on security deposit or first month rent programs, among other things. The shelter has a 5 day limit and does drug tests to make sure applicants are clean and sober.

The Emergency Services program also provides financial aid to its participants. This focuses on helping those who are less fortunate in Jefferson Davis and Acadia. This program gives people money to help pay for bills while they are getting back on their feet. It can pay for things like energy bills, housing, and medications.

The Salvation Army in Jefferson Davis and Acadia Parish also operate Angel Tree. This both spreads the holiday joy, and allows people to help those who are less fortunate. Children can apply to receive toys, clothing, games, and other goods at Christmas. This means that everything will be given out for free to those in need as part of the Angel Tree program.

Ministry programs help people of both genders. There are two different services for those groups. The church provides guidance and support through spiritual counseling, case management, and educational programs. This service helps to reduce poverty.

The Salvation Army is always looking to help future generations as well. They help young people grow and develop. This also provides relief to parents who are struggling to make ends meet. There are affordable summer camps in Jefferson Davis Parish. Some local after school care programs are also available, and kids can go there to be safe, get help with homework, and be around other kids while their parents work.

For more information or to get referrals, please call 337-721-8068. The Jefferson Davis and Acadia Parish Salvation Army provides support when possible. People who are not working may receive referrals from others.

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