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Salvation Army assistance programs in Jones County area and Laurel..

The Salvation Army in Jones County is the best place to go to for financial help during a crisis. The charity supports the following counties in Mississippi: Jones, Smith, Simpson, Clarke, Jasper and Wayne. There is help available if you need money for rent, a mortgage, or utility bills, or if you need food or medication. This faith-based church group in Mississippi provides financial support as well as worship and counseling services to its members.

The people in Jones and Waynesboro can ask for money from the government in an emergency. If the Salvation Army does not have money available, they will offer a voucher or goods from the thrift store. The case managers will help the client get government benefits that they might be entitled to, such as food stamps, rental vouchers, or grants. A lot of different ways to offer help exist.

This Salvation Army branch may help with housing needs to keep the client safe and sheltered. Everything from rent to partial mortgage payments can be made to a landlord. The location of your home can help lower your utility bills, including electricity, water, or air conditioning. If you don’t have enough money for rent, look for other places that can help you pay.

The social services department may also pay for other bills. There may be some critical medications provided, such as aspirin, and help in filling a doctor’s prescription. If someone has intense medical needs, then that person may be referred to a local clinic in Jones County, Mississippi.

The Laurel Salvation Army provides groceries, fruits, infant formula, and even supplies such as clothing from their clothing closets and food pantries. These are needs that are more fundamental. Appointments can be made Monday through Friday all year long. There are also food boxes available for different seasons, including the following.

Christmas is a time when people come together to enjoy a meal. This meal is often times a traditional dish that is special to the holiday.

The homeless in Jones County can not only use the services such as free clothing or holiday meals, but there is also an emergency shelter. This means that anyone can join, regardless of gender, age, or parental status. The shelter can hold almost 50 people and is located at 207 B North 13th Avenue in Laurel. The homeless will not only have a place to sleep, but they will also have food and access to showers. They will also be able to use services to help them find a job or benefits like rent or security deposits.

There are many Salvation Army programs for children in Laurel and Jones County. The ministry provides youth with fun activities and character-building opportunities. But the most important service for children from families in poverty may be the seasonal and/or holiday assistance programs. The Salvation Army provides various services to families in need during different times of the year. These services include providing meals during Christmas, supplying back to school supplies or uniforms, and even snacks to feed children during the summer.

There are two stores that are part of the Jones County Salvation Army services. One is located at 129 North 13th Avenue, Laurel, MS 39440. The store’s phone number is 601-428-5129, and it is open Monday – Saturday, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm. The second thrift store is located on Robinson Street in Waynesboro, Mississippi. The store’s phone number is 601-735-0792. Both stores sell low cost goods to the public, and the money raised goes towards financial assistance programs.

Apply for financial help from Jones County Salvation Army

If you need help from the Salvation Army in Jones County, Mississippi, you can call (601) 428-4232 to make an appointment. A key is needed to enter the office at 205 North 13th Avenue, Laurel, MS 39440.

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