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Salvation Army assistance programs in Quad City.

The Salvation Army in Scott County, Iowa has a Family Service Center in Davenport. This facility is where crisis programs are based and operated. The staff at the Quad Cities shelter will not only provide a safe place to stay for the homeless or those who have recently been evicted, but they will also have free food and information on transitional housing. They will also offer workshops to help the client get back on their feet.

All applicants need to meet the criteria set by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development in order to qualify for housing assistance. The individual seeking assistance from the Salvation Army needs to be homeless or at risk of being homeless. The Family Service Center can help people that are being discharged from jail or a hospital, or that may be escaping domestic violence.

The Davenport Salvation Army program does not provide money to people in need. It only provides food, clothing, and other necessities. If someone from the community needs help with finding a place to live or paying their bills, case workers can provide referrals to the right places. The support team at the Family Service Center will help people find other churches or charities that may have funding.

For example, the Quad City Salvation Army partners with many Iowa agencies to provide heating bill assistance programs. The programs focus on helping families or senior citizens who are at risk of having their power turned off in the winter. If you are struggling to pay your utility bills, there may be help available through programs like LIHEAP or Project SHARE.

The Davenport Salvation Army Family Service Center is a program that has specific goals to achieve. If you need help from the charity, you will work with a case worker to make a plan for your personal growth. This is a goal-oriented process in which everything from debts to employment, parenting classes, and general counseling is available.

The vast majority of homeless or tenants being unable to pay their rent is almost always due to a financial hardship. In many of these cases, the client played a role in causing the hardship. Perhaps they didn’t save enough money, or they were renting an apartment that was too expensive. The Salvation Army will help people develop the skills they need to manage their finances and stay current on their bills.

When a client is “graduating” from a Scott County transitional housing program, they can be referred to different financial aid programs that can help them in the future. There may be some partners of the Scott County Salvation Army (such as a church) that can help with funds to move or pay the first months rent/security deposit. All possible options are being considered.

The Family Service Center also provides free food and meals. This means that only people who have already used our service can use it again. The Salvation Army will provide food for homeless people or families who are about to be evicted. The pantry is low on supplies and can’t hold much more.

The Salvation Army thrift store in Davenport, Iowa supports the Quad City area. There are many people who volunteer at the Adult Rehabilitation Center and gain the critical work skills and job experience needed for today’s economy.

The Salvation Army in Scott County provides social services to the community including youth services, a women’s ministry, and general counseling. Other social services may include programs to help low-income students during summer break, or providing school supplies before the new school year. Worship services are also often provided by social service organizations.

The Quad Cities Salvation Army can always provide more assistance if needed. 11th Ave. The location is on 301 W. 11th Ave. The address is 6th Street, Davenport, Iowa 52803. For more information on how to apply, please call (563) 324-4808.

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