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Salvation Army assistance programs Kootenai County.

The Salvation Army in Coeur d Alene provides basic necessities, referrals and possible financial assistance to eligible families. The organization provides assistance to residents with children, immigrants, single adults, and families of all ages, races, and religions in Kootenai County. The social worker will try to help with things like utility bills, school supplies, and housing, but there are limits to what they can do. There are also free Christmas gifts, Thanksgiving meals and holiday support.

When applying for any type of assistance, you will need to bring proof of your income, need, and residency. A social worker will meet with the applicant and then have a meeting. They will decide what can be given or refer the person to other help programs in the area.

The website has information about local housing programs, including a service called Finally Home. This book provides solutions to the problems that homeless people or those who are behind on their bills may face. The Kootenai County Salvation Army will help you with finding a place to stay, and can also help with things like getting food and rent assistance. This means that even if you cannot afford to buy new furniture, the thrift store can help you out by providing furniture for your new home. For people with little income, single moms, or those that are experiencing homelessness, there is help available.

The Kootenai County Salvation Army may have their case management program weekly or monthly. The applicant will meet with highly skilled social workers to discuss goals and the reason for the hardship. There will be workshops on things like nutrition, saving money, budgeting, getting a job, and more. This means that if you are given help, especially in the form of money, you are expected to be responsible for what you do with it.

The charity emphasizes this, as well as other related social services. The Salvation Army has programs to help people who are struggling with poverty or homelessness. This means that case management is usually required.

Kootenai County has shelters for people who need them. This will usually take place with Salvation Army partners, such as local churches or charities. Not only can guests stay at the shelter, but they can also get a few meals per day. Computers are available to use to apply for aid or a job, as well as to access laundry and hygiene items, and similar basic needs.

The food pantry is funded by donations from the local community, Feeding America, or local churches. The Kootenai County Salvation Army will provide a free box of groceries, which may include fruits, vegetables, baby formula, and other items. There are food boxes available to low income families during Christmas.

There is help available for paying utility bills, mostly for heating or gas bills, from grants using Project Share. The Salvation Army in Kootenai County provides assistance with the application process for this service. There are a variety of expenses that can be paid for, such as firewood, propane or coal, gas bills, heating oil, and more. The staff at the Coeur d Alene can provide you with information about other resources that may be able to help you.

The local thrift store is also open. The Salvation Army is a volunteer-based organization that helps people in need. Some of the items that could potentially be included are antiques, computers, clothing, appliances, school books, winter coats, electronics, furniture, toiletries, handicap shower seats, office supplies, shoes, boots, sporting goods, and toys. Donations are also necessary.

Coeur d’Alene families often have a difficult time during the Christmas and back-to-school season, so assistance is available. If you can’t afford to buy your child toys, uniforms or school supplies, it can be difficult for them to keep up with other kids at school. If someone is not able to afford necessities like food or shelter, the Salvation Army will try to help them.

There are many tools that can help you. The store above sells items that have been used before, but are in good condition. Other programs, like Angel Tree, serve free presents and hot meals during the Christmas season. The Salvation Army wants students to succeed and provides free backpacks, gifts, and clothing to help them. These are part of the seasonal services offered by the non-profit.

How to get financial help from Salvation Army in Kootenai County

The Salvation Army can be found at 1765 W Golf Course Rd in Coeur d’Alene, ID 83815. For more information, the number to call is (208) 667-1865. You can also use this number to apply for intake.

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