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Salvation Army assistance programs Montcalm and Isabella County.

The Salvation Army provides emergency and self-sufficiency services. The main beneficiaries of their various programs are low income families, seniors, and children. Whether that is funds for paying rent, free food from a pantry, school supplies, or Christmas toys, help is offered. There is also a Thrift Store that is low cost for the public.

There are resources available from different centers across the counties of Michigan, including Clare, Mecosta, Isabella, and Montcalm. All the help given will be kept private. The agency can’t meet your request because it doesn’t have enough resources. It may be able to provide referrals or other support.

Emergency financial aid from Salvation Army

If you are in danger of being kicked out of your home or having your utilities disconnected, you may be able to get emergency financial assistance. This service is in high demand but there are only a limited number of providers. Provides financial assistance to individuals and families who are homeless or behind on their housing payments in Isabella and Montcalm counties.

All applications and requests will be looked at and any help given will depend on the individual situation. The Salvation Army will usually only cover part of your bill, so you may have to pay a co-pay, depending on what the caseworker decides. If a customer is asked for documentation and does not provide the required information, their service may be scheduled for disconnection. In other words, unless your household income is enough to cover future costs on your own, you probably won’t get help paying your rent or bills.

This means that if you can’t pay for something yourself, the government will give you money to help pay for it. Other resources such as LIHEAP need to be applied for and explored before the Salvation Army can provide any help. This means that if you want to apply for low income assistance, you may need to get a letter from the Department of Human Services saying that you were denied.

Free food pantries are places where people can go to get free groceries, supplies, and vouchers for shopping at local grocery stores. The volunteers from the centers may also suggest other agencies and charities that people can go to for help. This means that if you are in a situation where you need food and cannot afford it, there are options available to you.

This program is also funded by donations from businesses and individuals in the community. The food assistance program provides eligible families with a limited amount of food benefits that can last a few days, depending on the size of the family and their income. The pantries may also offer products for personal care, such as shampoo, soap, clothing, and more. There are also details about other free food pantries in Michigan that can help in an emergency.

There may be some places in Clare or Isabella that can help you pay for your prescription drugs. This would also be available only after all other resources have been used up. The Salvation Army will need a doctor’s note in order to give you the medication. In addition to this, mood-altering drugs, pain killers, anti-depressants, or tranquilizers which are easily abused are not provided with any assistance.

Emergency housing, short term housing, and help in finding permanent housing may be provided for families, individuals, and the homeless in the region. This means that if you are about to be homeless or are already homeless, you may be able to get help. This means that applicants cannot have any other options available to them. You may need to show that you are about to be evicted or are already homeless to get help.

The Salvation Army may sometimes give the applicant a voucher to pay for a few nights at a local hotel/motel. All applicants must live in Isabella, Montcalm, or Mecosta County or in surrounding areas in Michigan. All applicants for housing assistance or shelter will need to demonstrate that they have plans to pay their own rent in the future and are working to overcome their current hardships.

Other types of rental and/or mortgage assistance may be provided as funds and grants allow in addition to the resources that are listed above. This could help people who are about to be evicted or foreclosed on, and then become homeless. A security deposit will not be part of this program, but exceptions can be made. The Salvation Army will provide assistance on a case-by-case basis and as part of a broader service plan that the individual must agree to follow.

Additional resources in Clare, Mecosta, Isabella, and Montcalm County

There are other resources and programs in Isabella County. Some or all of the following are included. The Salvation Army provides free Christmas assistance in the form of meals and toys, as well as disaster assistance and referrals. You can also shop at the Salvation Army Family store. There are also supplies like shoes, uniforms, and other items given to students for going back to school.

Almost all Salvation Army clients need to participate in a case management program. This is for the Montcalm, Isabella County, and other regions. Case workers help clients with finding and keeping a job. They help people get food who are in need, sign people up for food stamps, or help them enroll in credit counseling or section 8. Self-sufficiency means being able to support oneself without relying on others. However, many seniors need assistance with things like meals and housing. Resources are available to help them. In addition to providing academic support, tutoring centers also give students snacks, meals, and coordinate summer camp. Dial (231) 796-5597. The Salvation Army helps people with low incomes or who are unemployed. This center can be contacted by telephone at (231) 796-5597. Both locations support the counties of Isabella, Montcalm, Clare, and others. The thrift store can provide people with items they need and also give financial help if offered. They can also give other social services.

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