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Salvation Army assistance programs Washington County Minnesota and Stillwater Minnesota area.

The Salvation Army in Washington County, Minnesota can help people with their basic needs. Case managers will help people explore any types of emergency assistance, such as social services or stabilization, that may be offered. There are many different types of resources available to people who are struggling, from one-time assistance with rent or heating bills, to more basic needs like free food, clothing, and household goods.

The Salvation Army has seasonal programs in the Stillwater region that include cold weather homeless shelters, free Christmas gifts or toys, Thanksgiving meals, and back to school supplies. The Salvation Army in Washington County, Minnesota relies heavily on volunteers and donations from the community to continue its operations.

Free case management, employment, and job skills

The organization provides help with finding a job or gaining new skills. There is a general understanding that having a job and making more money is key to a family’s long-term success. The Stillwater Salvation Army will have case workers help clients find a job. The resume review workshop will teach you how to improve your resume and help you use a computer to create a more professional document. A job can help you earn money to pay for things like your bills, and it can also help you develop other skills. For help finding a job in Washington County, Minnesota, contact your local employment office.

There are also computers that can help you find a job. To learn new skills. The Salvation Army may also provide non-traditional employment services, such as work-from-home jobs for the undereducated or volunteer opportunities to help gain skills.

Salvation Army financial assistance programs in Stillwater

Rent and housing assistance may be offered occasionally. If you’re at risk of being evicted or can’t afford your next rent payment, contact your local Salvation Army office to see if you qualify for financial assistance. This means that there is not a lot of the resource available and that people want to use or have the resource. If a person has money, they can use it to pay for rent or a deposit (if they are homeless). Other organizations offer case management services to help people in Minnesota find stable housing. The Salvation Army can help residents in Minnesota by connecting them to programs that can prevent eviction.

Food and hot meals are usually offered for free throughout the year. The Salvation Army provides free groceries, fresh foods, baby formula and more to needy families through food pantries and shelves. Some companies in Stillwater offer home delivery of meals and groceries to seniors who are not able to leave their homes. This means that people who need food assistance may have to schedule a time to get it.

The Washington County HeatShare program helps residents pay their heating and utility bills when they have a shut-off notice. Wearing layers of clothing will help people stay warm during winter weather and even when a storm hits. There is a program in place called the Salvation Army hotline. This program is overseen by the Salvation Army and provides assistance to people across the state. If you are struggling to pay your utility bills in Minnesota, there are programs that can help. You can call 1-800-842-7279 to find out more, or look for other programs online.

Some medical needs may be able to be met with assistance. People often get surprised with how much they have to pay for healthcare. Some Salvation Army centers in Stillwater can help with things like getting vouchers for prescriptions or paying for health insurance co-pays.

Free and low cost stuff for all families in Washington County

Thrift stores sell used household items and clothing. The store will sell items that are gently used and at a reduced price to anyone in the community. A voucher may be issued to low-income individuals or those impacted by a disaster, so that they can purchase the needed item themselves. You need to request help in order to get a voucher. There is a process that you have to go through in order to be accepted into the program.

There are programs that provide winter clothing for children, such as Coats for Kids. This is especially helpful during the cold winter months when people have additional expenses, like buying presents or paying to heat their homes. The Salvation Army Coats for Kids program can provide new gloves, snow boots, hats and winter coats for your growing kids, teenagers or students.

The Salvation Army in Washington County provides free vouchers to those in need. These can be used by low income families, the unemployed, and those in poverty for many needs. They can be used to buy furniture for a house or apartment. There are programs that supply low income children with back to school supplies from the Salvation Army in Stillwater and Hastings. There may be other items offered as well.

Additional assistance may be offered during the Christmas and Thanksgiving holidays. This time of year can be tough when your budget is small. The Salvation Army may be able to help Stillwater families with toys, clothing, and gifts for their children. The Angel Tree organization provides free Thanksgiving turkeys or toys to families in need. Some seniors may feel happy around Christmas time.

Applying for assistance from the Salvation Army

If you are in or around Stillwater or Hastings, Minnesota, please call 651-739-6288 or (651) 319-0329. There may be assistance available in the form of vouchers, emergency funds, or other social services.

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