Assistance Program

Salvation Army emergency assistance in Cass County.

The Salvation Army of Cass County may have financial aid available as a last resort. It is more likely that a charity will provide basic needs like money for rent or an energy bill than anything else. This can include things like food, referrals to after school care programs for children, or the Adopt a Family Christmas toy program.

The only people who can get help from this program are those who live in Cass County or Harrisonville. They will need to provide proof that all household members live at the same address. However, the faith-based charity does not discriminate based on age, gender, or religion, so anyone may be supported. The applicants will need to show how much money they make and who else they have asked for help financially.

The Salvation Army is a community organization that provides social services to people in need. Many people visit them every week from Harrisonville and the surrounding area. There are many people who cannot be helped by the Salvation Army for various reasons, such as having too high of an income or lack of resources. However, the workers at the Salvation Army can still offer referrals to other charities or link the client to DHS offices. This means that there is still a possibility that assistance can be provided.

A grant is a type of financial aid that does not have to be repaid. The main purpose of the Cass County Salvation Army is not this. If they’re able to assist, there may be money for things like rent, utility bills, propane, medications, and more. The company or vendor in question, not the family, will receive the funds. This makes sure that the emergency aid program is effective.

The Salvation Army may sometimes give people loans to help them pay for expenses, or they may require the person to do something for the community in return. This means you could help out at a local store that sells second-hand items, or at another organization that doesn’t make a profit. This is another way to make sure the client is taking action to get paid.

The Salvation Army in Cass County provides emergency food and hot meals to feed the poor. In some cases, volunteers will bring a meal to someone’s house who is unable to leave. The clients that this company typically serves are those who are unable to do things like shop or cook for themselves because they are either elderly or have a disability.

This means that the food in the pantry is chosen by the clients. This model often allows the person to choose what they need, and many families feel more comfortable with this. You should also bring boxes or bags to put your groceries in.

If there is a disaster, the Cass County Salvation Army can help by partnering with agencies such as the Red Cross of Missouri. They are often one of the first groups to respond to a situation. The Red Shield is always ready to help people in need. They can be seen handing out water, serving meals, and providing a listening ear to anyone who wants to talk. They are an organization that cares about others and are always willing to lend a helping hand.

Other social services are available to clients that can help them break the cycle of needing assistance. Some other types of assistance programs are: -help with food -help with housing -help with medical care

-Christmas toys for children through Adopt a Family.-Free Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter food baskets for existing clients.-Case management, including advice and referrals.-Summer camp for students, recreational activities for the elderly, and information on home care.-Harrisonville Salvation Army thrift store resells items to the public.-Information on local utility company payment plans.

The staff will be able to provide information about rehabilitation services. If you are struggling with substance abuse in Cass County, there are resources available to help you. There are centers you can be referred to, and there is also help available for ex-prisoners, such as career counseling and housing. The Pathways of Hope project provides some of this aid. This support is also combined with spiritual counseling to help the client figure out what they want in life and how to get there.

Vocational and career counseling are often combined with additional support. If someone in Cass County is very poor and has no resources, they may need help to break the cycle of poverty. Salvation Army staff can help with computer access for job applications, provide free clothing for interviews from the thrift shop, and possibly even a bus pass to get to a job for a certain number of days.

To give your time or money to the organization, call the thrift store at (816) 884-2200 or dial (816) 380-3505 for social services. The main center is in Harrisonville, MO at 1799 E Mechanic St. There are many ways to both help others and to receive help from others.

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