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Salvation Army emergency assistance programs in Ashe and Wilkes County area

The Salvation Army in North Wilkesboro and West Jefferson offers a few key programs. Social Services provides financial assistance for rent or utility bills, free basic needs, and information on job programs. The Center of Hope offers shelter and housing. The Family Store is open to the public and anyone can shop there for low cost goods. People can donate money or food to the Salvation Army Family Store to help people in Ashe and Wilkes County.

There are a few main resources available in the Ashe and Wilkes County region. Every so often, other forms of help may be accessible, which will be based on the time of year, donations, and how much money is available. This means that not everyone who needs help will be able to get it because there is not enough money to go around.

Help for bills, food, and basic needs from the Salvation Army in Wilkes and Ashe area

This assistance can help families who are struggling to make ends meet or who have a sudden unexpected expense. It can provide temporary help with things like food, housing, utilities, or medical expenses. The Salvation Army has a program in which it provides limited funding to help pay for some critical bills. Some examples of expenses that could be covered by a financial assistance program are rent to prevent eviction, utilities to keep power or lights on, medications for a sick patient without insurance, gasoline for a job interview, and similar expenses. Requests for assistance from the North Wilkesboro and West Jefferson Salvation Army will be considered based on a number of factors, including need and availability of resources.

Social Services also includes providing groceries and/or clothes in an emergency situation. This is mostly provided by the North Wilkesboro and West Jefferson Salvation Army food pantry or thrift store. There is a variety of food including canned goods, perishable items, baby formula, diapers, and supplements for seniors. This means that you can shop for clothing (mostly for work or the winter) at the Family Store using vouchers.

The Salvation Army Angel Tree and Adopt a Family programs help families in need during the holiday season. The free toys and gifts are for kids who are 13 years old or younger. Adopt a Family helps not only the immediate family, but also others living in the same home, by providing them with food boxes, meals, and other items. This is another primary season service where students can get free back to school supplies. There are many things that can be considered school supplies, such as uniforms, bookbags, shoes, pens, pencils, electronics, and more.

The Family Store is a consignment store where you can find quality items at a bargain. This organization provides two additional services: people can donate surplus goods, and there are volunteer/employment opportunities. There are also online platforms where shoppers can buy or sell goods. This allows people who have been homeless or underemployed to gain the skills they need to earn a higher income. Many people use online marketplaces to sell goods for extra cash.

The West Jefferson Salvation Army thrift location has all of this available. The money raised from the sale of goods are used to fund soup kitchens, shelters, Social Services Financial aid and drug or alcohol rehabilitation programs.

The Salvation Army provides emergency disaster services in Ashe and Wilkes County. They provide several basic services in all events, which may include free food, hot meals, shelter, emotional support, vouchers for new furniture or clothing, and much more.

Social services and case management

The Center of Hope is a place that helps people with things like getting a job and being able to take care of themselves in other areas of their life. The Salvation Army provides a place where people can get a hot meal and a safe place to sleep. The housing provides people in need with spiritual and physical care, free meals, a place to shower, and a bed in a shelter. This usually also involves helping the guest with case management so they can get back on track. The Center of Hope also provides a Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation program for those who need it.

The Salvation Army in Ashe and Wilkes Counties provides job skills training and career counseling to help people in the community find and keep employment. These services are designed to assist individuals in achieving economic self-sufficiency and stability. This program provides clients with the skills they need to gain self-confidence and be successful in the real world. This allows the person to learn new skills and improve their employability, as well as helping them to reintegrate into society. It also involves managing money, learning how to use computers, getting certifications, developing life skills, and more. There may be free financial assistance available for things like clothing vouchers, food boxes, transportation to a class or work, and more.

Two locations to get help from

The Salvation Army Family Store is a thrift store located at 92753 E Main St, Jefferson, NC 28640. You can reach customer service by calling (336) 844-4006. There is a social services office at 334 Wilkesboro Ave, North Wilkesboro, NC 28659, and the phone number is (336) 838-1145. This office can provide financial assistance as well as other social services.

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