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Salvation Army financial assistance programs in Charleston County South Carolina.

The Charleston County government offers assistance, referrals, and support to low-income and needy residents. A limited number of families in Charleston may be eligible to receive financial assistance from the Salvation Army for expenses such as energy bills or rent. However, the Salvation Army can also help with free food, clothing, Christmas gifts from the Angel Tree program, or school supplies.

Case workers may also direct people to federal and state assistance programs that can help with things like food, housing, and medical care. If you need financial assistance, you must make an appointment over the phone. Walk-ins are not allowed.

The corps center accepts donated food, clothing and household goods from members of the community. The Family Store is a place where people can get help with things they need. The Salvation Army will also acquire items from canned food drives, direct purchase, the Red Kettle, and other food and clothing bank programs. All of the items that are collected from the community will be donated to individuals and families who are in emergency situations.

Some items may even be delivered to people’s homes, in particular if there is a senior or disabled member in the household. The food deliveries can be for Thanksgiving or Christmas, and volunteers will deliver the food to people who are sick, old, or have disabilities that make it hard for them to leave home and shop on their own.

Free goods, food, clothes, and basic needs from Salvation Army

There are places on the property where you can get household items and free clothes. The Salvation Army provides free food to those in need through food pantries and soup kitchens in the Charleston region. Programs that provide or pay for new or used furniture for homes or apartments. This means that items that have been repaired or fixed can be given away as well. The Salvation Army has clothes for children and job seekers that they can wear to work or school.

There are also annual programs that give free Christmas toys and Thanksgiving meals to people who are less fortunate in Charleston County. Salvation Army volunteers work with local companies and non-profits to give away free Thanksgiving or Christmas turkeys, all the toppings, and other food boxes.

Classes and programs are offered for youths and adults in the area. The Salvation Army offers summer day camps, after school programs, and partners with nearby senior centers. They also give out free school supplies during the summer (backpacks, tablets, writing material, etc.). The Salvation Army is a church-based organization that provides resources such as financial aid, the Angel Tree holiday program, substance abuse rehab, and free clothes.

Find assistance for bills or rent from Charleston Salvation Army social services

Emergency financial assistance may be provided by appointment only. This can help with rent (if someone has an eviction notice) or utility bills (if the bill is past due or due in 5 days). There is no financial aid available for security deposits. However, if you need help paying rent, there are a few options. You can visit your local Department of Social Services, or look online for government assistance programs. There may also be nonprofit organizations in your area that offer help with rent payments.

To be eligible for assistance from the Charleston Salvation Army, applicants must be able to show that their income has decreased significantly. If someone’s income has not decreased, they must show that they had some emergency within the last 90 days. Many people who have experienced a decrease in work hours, job loss, unexpected illness or medical bill, car expenses, or death in the family apply.

Sometimes an applicant will have a period of time between when they lost their job and when they started receiving unemployment benefits. Each month, the Salvation Army has a limited number of appointments for financial assistance. This is because their funding is limited.

One of the main services the government provides is assisting people in finding benefits and referrals. Social workers can help by offering benefits screening services which families can use to help determine whether they are eligible for public aid or government benefits. This non-profit has a lot of helpful information about different types of programs offered by the government and non-profit organizations, both locally and statewide. They also have good relationships with these organizations, so they can help connect you with the resources you need.

A case manager can help you figure out if you can get help from any government programs. What is being asked for is a list of all the assistance programs available in the Charleston County SC region along with the contact information for each one. This will help people in the region to more easily find and apply for the programs they need.

This information includes resources that focus on specific populations such as older adults, children and people with disabilities. Many programs focus on helping people become self-sufficient, for example by providing employment services and job training.

Case workers help people in South Carolina with things like getting food, housing, and medical care. The Salvation Army provides information on food stamp applications, cash aid, public healthcare, low cost housing, and more. The South Carolina Department of Social Services offers several programs to help low-income residents with basic needs such as food, housing, and healthcare.

Contact for Salvation Army centers in Charleston County

The Charleston County Salvation Army provides assistance to people in several nearby towns and cities. Services are available in Mount Pleasant, Folly Beach, Johns Island, and the Northern Charleston area, among other local towns.

The Salvation Army Service Unit in Charleston County is located at 4248 Dorchester Rd. in North Charleston, South Carolina. The phone number is (843) 747-5271 x17. There is another site located at 2135 Ashley River Rd, Charleston, SC 29407. You can reach this site by dialing (843) 747-5271. The balances of the county are located in Mt Pleasant and the Ashley area. Make an appointment to pay rent or utility bills. Some stores may offer clothing or food for those who come in.

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