Assistance Program

Salvation Army Gainesville Georgia and Hall County assistance programs.

The types of assistance available from the Gainesville Georgia Salvation Army depend on the money raised from the sale of goods at the thrift store as well as donations. When it has resources, the charity can provide financial help with things like rent or utility bills, free food or clothes, and other kinds of aid.

The center either sells gently used goods, or provides assistance to, hundreds of families per month. The staff is unable to keep up with the demand for rent help and other financial requests, but they will try to refer the client to an agency that may be able to assist.

Material goods

There are a few types of assistance available. Some programs offered by the Salvation Army in Hall County, Georgia are free for families that meet certain income requirements. In other cases, there may be a small fee involved (for example, when shopping at the Salvation Army thrift store).

A free voucher may be given to a client with a low income. You can use this box at the food pantry to get groceries. The organization will give you a voucher to be used at the Family Store. There, you can shop for clothing, household supplies, and similar goods. Even if someone does not meet the qualifications to shop at the Family/Thrift store, they can still shop there. However, the items they purchase will have a minimal cost.

The voucher type system is also available during other times of the year. This means that during the back to school season, children can get supplies or clothing that they need. The Salvation Army provides vouchers during Christmas which can be used to get toys or meal boxes. The Angel Tree is a holiday service that helps families in need in Hall County. Many programs in Gainesville and nearby communities provide food, clothing, Christmas presents, and other necessities directly to low income families.

Financial aid from Hall County Salvation Army

This type of support is not always reliable. The amount of money that the Salvation Army has depends on how many items are sold at the thrift store, how much money is donated to the Red Kettle, and how much funding the Salvation Army office gets from partners such as the United Way. When there is money, it may help with things like buying food, clothes, or a place to live.

Your regular expenses such as water and energy bills, housing costs like rent or mortgage, and medications. There are even details on discount prescription drug cards or services such as Blink Health. This can help with employment related costs, such as gasoline for the first day of work, work supplies, clothing, and more. Additionally, it can help with specialty food items that can’t be found at the Hall County Salvation Army food pantry.

The goal is to help families in a short term crisis by stabilizing the situation. The charity provides both financial assistance and extensive case management, and the amount of money awarded is up to the discretion of the organization. This approach is effective in coordinating long-term support.

When applying, please be aware that resources are limited. To get help with needs like housing and medical care, you should bring identification and proof of where you live, like copies of your paychecks and other income, or your original utility bills or lease.

Additional social services

The Salvation Army in Hall County offers financial assistance and free material goods at its discretion. When it comes to social services, Christian-based charities tend to offer a wider range of services. This is because case-workers want people to take on responsibility and break the cycle of poverty and/or homelessness.

The services that are provided by the company are varied and range from helping people who need assistance with everyday tasks to providing relief after a disaster strikes. They also offer mentoring for students after school and help with job placement. This means that a lot of relationships in Gainesville involve more than one person. This means that any employment resources are done in cooperation with local workforce centers as well as other professional staffing organization. Local organizations like the Salvation Army and the American Red Cross are working together to provide disaster relief in Hall County. Other programs have similar relationships.

Apply for free items from the Hall County Salvation Army or financial aid

For help with seasonal or year-round services, call the Hall County Salvation Army at (770) 534-7589. The Salvation Army is located at 711 Dorsey Street in Gainesville, Georgia.

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