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Salvation Army Huntington Indiana emergency assistance programs.

The Salvation Army in Huntington County Indiana has a community center that provides many social services to the people in the Huntington region. These services can include things like adult education classes, a food pantry, social services like emergency funds for bills or rent, classes to help build character, and more. There are also free school supplies, Christmas toys, gifts, and more available. The Salvation Army’s goal is to provide crisis support in the area to help people stabilize their living situation.

Salvation Army Social Services

This is the main assistance program for families or individuals who are in immediate need of help. This is for dealing with a crisis. This means that they will have access to extra support to help them stay on track with their goals. The programs that are part of Social Services include help with food, housing, healthcare, and financial assistance.

There is financial aid available in Huntington. The church will have money to help pay for things. This can be rented if there is an eviction notice; the utility bills when facing disconnection; or other housing costs (oil, mortgage, etc.). In addition to the food bank, there is also an emergency food pantry where people in need can get food. The expenses that will be paid most often are those common ones. On a one-time basis, perhaps vouchers for gasoline, medications, local overnight shelters, or other living expenses could be addressed.

You will meet with an intake coordinator for a one-on-one interview. This is done to help find a solution to the crisis, and this helps the family to be more stable. The Hope approach may help the client in other areas of their life. The Huntington County Salvation Army provides assistance programs that help people with budgeting, employment, legal services, and other needs.

The applicant should bring the following information when stopping in and applying for social services. To apply for rent assistance, you will need to provide proof of your current address, income, and family size. You will also need to show some form of identification, such as a driver’s license.

Additional programs in Huntington County

The most in-demand items are those that are the most requested. The Salvation Army also works to help other people in need, beyond just providing food and shelter. The American Red Cross provides assistance during and after a disaster by caring for families affected by the disaster and supporting first responders. This is one of the main things they do.

The Salvation Army in Huntington County also provides a ministry service. This is a very popular method that is used by all types of people, including women, men, and substance abusers. It combines aspects such as faith and counseling. The ministry can help people turn their life around and get back on the right track.

One key assistance program that is given is holiday assistance. These programs provide Christmas gifts, Angel Tree, Adopt a Family and more to those in need. Seasonal assistance refers to things like free school supplies or Thanksgiving meals.

The Salvation Army helps people who are homeless in Huntington County. Shelters are firstly used in order to get people off the streets and secondly to keep people safe. After that there will be more programs about hot meals, blankets, hygiene supplies, and clothing. Search for housing services in your area, including section 8 low income apartments.

The Salvation Army Family Store in Huntington Indiana is also available. It is a store that sells items to the general public. There may be furniture, appliances, bedding, and more. The prices are low, so people save money. The community kitchen also provides an opportunity for members of the community to gain work experience. They can either hold a job at the kitchen, or more likely, volunteer their time.

There are many other resources that are available as well. The Salvation Army is a place where you can get help and find information about other resources that can help you. They work to improve the lives of people who are living in poverty. Case managers can help with a lot of things, like getting food stamps, disability benefits, cash assistance, and more. Or they can help you get things for your kids, like school supplies or clothes.

Location of Salvation Army

The Salvation Army in Huntington County is located at 1424 East Market Street in Huntington, Indiana. The store and social service office are both located at this address. To make an appointment, please call 260-356-3485.

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