Salvation Army Northeast Missouri emergency assistance programs.

There are a few Salvation Army centers in Northeast Missouri that can help you with what you need. There are two places that help families that are struggling or have low income. The programs offered by the church include free food from a pantry, help with rent or energy bills, a thrift store, Christmas toys, and more. The resources are not always available and often have a waiting list.

Some of the Northeast Missouri Salvation Army programs are funded by the federal government, including housing assistance for preventing homelessness. The food pantry at this grocery store is supplied by donations from the community and from partnerships with non-profit organizations such as the United Way and Feeding America. The Salvation Army also offers a food pantry, Christmas gifts from Angel Tree, and a low-cost thrift store.

The first location is 1004 Gardner in Kirksville, Missouri. The second location is also in Kirksville, Missouri and is 63501. Call the number (660) 665-7885 to reach his location.

The other store is located at 420 S Baltimore St, Kirksville, MO 63501. The phone number is (660) 665-4326.

The thrift store is a great place for people who want to save money. The store provides an opportunity for households to shop while also giving back to the community. The money that is raised also goes towards paying for the services. The store accepts donations of items. People can choose to work as volunteers at the store to help with tasks such as stocking shelves, assisting customers with shopping, or running the cash registers. The Family Store may sell items including clothes, furniture, and household items. The Salvation Army Northeast Missouri may need items such as clothing, furniture, and household items.

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Different types of furniture for a home, like couches, chairs, kitchen tables, etc. Electronics like tablets, CDs, etc. with referrals to free computer assistance programs or laptops. Toys for kids, both at birthday and Christmas. Clothing for work, school, and more. Other items for sale may be jewelry, vintage items, shoes, winter boots, and more.

The store provides services to residents in the entire service area, including Clark, Adair, and other counties. The Salvation Army Family store does not have any geographic restrictions. This can help save money for anyone who uses it.

The Salvation Army in northeast Missouri offers seasonal programs in Kirksville, Missouri. Some of the most common reasons people procrastinate are because they feel overwhelmed by the task at hand, they don’t know where to start, or they are perfectionists who are afraid of not doing the task perfectly. They offer free winter coats for seniors or children; free Angel Tree Christmas toys; thanksgiving turkeys or holiday meals; back to school supplies; and other items.

The Kirksville Salvation Army center may be able to help with paying bills and assistance programs for emergency expenses. They finance themselves by using a portion of their own money as well as through referrals. The church may be able to help with expenses such as rent, utility bills, medication, and other emergency living expenses. Sometimes people who are homeless can get a voucher to stay in a motel room, or case managers can help them find a place to live.

Other resources are available from the organization. The food pantry that is most often used is the one that allows clients to choose their own food, within a set budget. There are many groceries and boxes of food. The Salvation Army provides assistance to people in the event of a disaster. This includes providing shelter, food, water, and advice.

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The Salvation Army staff in Kirksville will provide case management for all of the programs listed above in Adair and Scotland County, as well as in other towns. They do this to try to stop the cycle of being evicted, having money problems, and other obstacles. A few dollars will not help if the client does not have an income. If someone does not have health insurance or has other barriers, they may have difficulty getting health care. Northeast Missouri case management takes a comprehensive approach, considering all aspects of the person’s life.

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