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Salvation Army of Camden New Jersey financial assistance resources.

The Salvation Army provides basic needs like food and shelter for people in Camden County, New Jersey. Many people in the local community apply for and receive financial assistance, free supplies and other services from the government or other organizations. Even though there aren’t a lot of resources, the Salvation Army does what it can to help people who are less fortunate in Camden. They especially help children, senior citizens, and other families who don’t have a lot of money.

Free good, stuff, seasonal goods from the Salvation Army

The Salvation Army in New Jersey, including in Camden, offers holiday programs. Many of the resources are geared towards helping people during Christmas and Thanksgiving. The programs depend on donations and volunteers to function, but in return they can provide thousands of families with free toys, winter coats, gifts, and household items. The two main services that the Salvation Army provides during Christmastime are Angel Tree and Adopt a Family. The centers will be responsible for coordinating holiday meals, including turkeys and all the fixings. The Salvation Army provides volunteers and social workers to visit and provide companionship to seniors, the homebound, and elderly people in nursing homes.

Families, children, and students can get new and used clothing in addition to the special holiday programs. Some items you may need for winter are gently used winter coats or boots. In addition to free back to school supplies, backpacks, uniforms, books and other educational material, Camden County students are also given free access to a number of school resources. When fall comes, children may be able to get more clothes for when they go back to school. In addition to the clothing items listed, other items of clothing may also be available. This excludes clothing that may be sold at thrift stores.

Apply for financial help from the Salvation Army in Camden County

There are many different types of shelters and transitional housing centers located across the state. They offer a variety of services to help people in need. Some housing units are for women and children while others are for men only. If someone needs to use short term housing, other supportive services can help them become independent, find a job, acquire new skills, and become self-sufficient. Other services that are offered along with transitional housing are things like life skills and job readiness classes, as well as a computer learning center. Some shelters or housing units are set aside specifically for veterans.

There will be a food pantry at every Salvation Army center in Camden and the surrounding areas. The community centers have food banks and pantries that can provide hot meals, canned goods, and other food for low income and homeless people, or for people with other emergency needs.

The Salvation Army also has volunteers who deliver meals to people who are unable to leave their homes. There is a variety of food available, including canned goods, fresh fruits, rice, breads, and more. Home delivery of meals (Meals on Wheels) often brings frozen food/meals to the elderly, disabled, and sick in Camden County.

Other food and drink options are available. There are a number of ways to help those in need get access to food. This can be done by volunteering at a soup kitchen or Sunday feeding program, or by donating food to holiday food distributions. Another option is to donate food baskets to centers that help the needy. If you need help, you can get free, hot, healthy meals.

There are services available to help people who are at risk of being homeless or who are already homeless. These services include help with finding housing, providing basic necessities like food and clothing, and other support. The Salvation Army’s Service Extension Program offers the main program and operates across New Jersey and Camden County. Help may be available for getting food, a place to stay, clothing, and information about other resources. They provide information on emergency heating and utility bill assistance programs. A key is preventing homelessness. By providing keys to those in need, we can help keep them off the streets and in a safe place. A list of eviction prevention programs in New Jersey can be found here.

The Camden County Salvation Army also works closely with NJ Shares. This is a state of New Jersey energy bill assistance program for people who cannot pay their energy bills. The program can help customers who are experiencing a short-term financial emergency and who have also used up all other resources, including government assistance. This financial assistance is only meant to be a temporary fix and will not cover any long term expenses. This is to help prevent your service from being disconnected.

Families in Camden County, New Jersey, often don’t have air conditioning, or the ability to cool their homes, during the hot summer months. The Salvation Army is a religious organization that helps people in need. They may offer help in the form of funds to pay AC bills, free box fans or air conditioners and other resources. These units are often donated, such as window box fan units from corporations, or agencies like the United Way may help fix air conditioners or give out new, free ones. Where can I find free air conditioner units?

Operation Red Shield is a program that helps veterans and military members. This Salvation Army program provides assistance to military personnel who are currently serving in Camden County. This means that if you are a service member, or a veteran, or have any family members who are service members or veterans, you may be eligible for assistance. Services provide information, referrals, advocacy, needs-based financial assistance and pastoral counseling to individuals.

Locations of Salvation Army in Camden County

The Camden County office is located at 915 Haddon Avenue, Camden, New Jersey 08103. The Family Store is a thrift store that sells lightly used items at a discounted price. A social worker from the Salvation Army can be reached by calling (856) 338-0601.

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