Salvation Army programs in Lansing, Eaton and Ingham County.

The Capital Area Salvation Army is responsible for the programs offered in the region. Families in the Eaton and Ingham County Michigan area can get help from many different organizations. If you need help with things like food, housing, or money, you can call one of the Salvation Army centers near you.

The Salvation Army Family and Social Services department helps connect people in need with resources in the greater Lansing Michigan region. There is a process in place to apply for aid, and support is focused on low income families with children, seniors, unemployed, disabled or people with a medical condition. Some of the services that they offer are as follows.

Food Pantries are places where families can go to get free or low cost food, groceries or government commodities. Most food pantries will only give out these items once every 30 days. The Salvation Army centers in the Capital Area also have a Community Kitchen where a free hot meal is served on Mondays and Fridays from noon to 12:45pm. No matter what your income is or what your situation is, you are welcome to have a meal in the kitchen. You don’t need to provide any documentation or proof of hardship.

The Salvation Army offers assistance to people who are struggling to pay their heating bills. The priority is for low income households that have received a shut-off notice from their utility company. You can only get financial assistance once a year. You need to make an appointment with the Social Services department. Proof of all income, a decision notice from DHS, a copy of a shut-off notice, and a bill in the person’s name are required for applicants. This is the number for the Michigan State University Police Department. You can call this number for information or to schedule an appointment. The focus is on families who may have their power disconnected or shut off during the cold winter months.

The Salvation Army can help qualified families in the Lansing area with supplying personal items that they need. The organization provides Greyhound bus tickets and tokens, diapers, free baby formula, food packs, and vouchers for emergencies, gasoline, blankets, winter coats and more. In order to apply, you must have identification, and can only do so once every 30 days. This means that you can come in without an appointment and that items are available on a first-come-first-serve basis. For any personal assistance, please bring your social security number and food stamp case number. If you want to learn more about the Salvation Army, you can call your local Eaton or Ingham County Salvation Army center. The number to call is (517) 484-4424.

If you need help with rent or housing, you need to make an appointment. To place an order, please call 517.484.4424. In order to be eligible for assistance from the Salvation Army, applicants must meet certain requirements as funds are limited and there is a high demand for help. Michigan residents who live in the Lansing area must have a decision notice from the state’s Department of Human Services, as well as proof of their income. Make sure to bring copies of any eviction papers or foreclosure documentation with you. Families can only get help from this program once every 2 years, and the money given out is meant to prevent homelessness in the community.

The Salvation Army operates Beginnings Child Care. The center offers free or low-cost child care to families with children, with a focus on quality. The center is for children who are between six weeks and ten years old. This child care facility provides a warm and compassionate environment where children can learn and grow according to their individual goals and needs. The teachers and workers at the centers are trained to develop activities that help stimulate a child’s ability to learn, make friends, be ready for kindergarten, communicate, and get along with peers and other children.

If you are a resident of Clinton, Eaton, Lansing, or Ingham, Michigan and need emergency assistance, you can call 484-4424 for more information or to apply for aid.

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