Assistance Program

Salvation Army Ritchie, Roane, Tyler, and Wetzel County assistance programs.

The Salvation Army in the region of Roane, Ritchie, and Wetzel County provides families in poverty with basic needs such as food, clothing, free school supplies, financial aid, and shelter. There is also help available for those experiencing a temporary crisis, such as a medical emergency or job loss. The Family Service Center in the region offers programs that, when combined with long term case management services, can help break a cycle of poverty or despair.

The programs, including free Christmas gifts, offered by this office are part of their Family Services. This Christian organization provides assistance to people in need regardless of their age, race, or religion. Applicants must be working to improve their situation and become independent.

Food assistance programs

The main goal is to provide food for families in the area. There are free meals available for children, seniors, and the disabled, as well as holiday meals and boxes of groceries for those in need in Wetzel and Tyler Counties. There are many different programs that can help to prevent hunger.

All of these resources come from the food pantry or soup kitchen. The food bank and the community garden are both volunteer-run, and provide food for people who can’t afford it. At each location, the type of aid provided varies, not only by hours, but also by what is available.

A free food pantry is a place where people can go to get boxes of canned groceries, perishable items like fruits or baby formula, dairy, meats, and more. A soup kitchen is a Salvation Army service that provides meals for people who are hungry. The food bank also provides holiday meals for clients during Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Salvation Army in Ritchie region financial help

The Salvation Army does not often help with temporary relief for a crisis, but there are very limited cases in which they may be able to provide assistance. The Salvation Army gives out most of its money for bills, rent, or medications in the form of small dollar amounts. The amount of money available changes throughout the year.

The Salvation Army in the region will focus on solving a crisis. This means that a family who is about to be homeless may receive help with their rent or utility bills. Some other examples of when Family Services may be able to help out are by providing vouchers to help pay for medications or a bus pass to get to a job interview in Tyler or Roane County. Other requests for money are judged by each situation. There are financial assistance programs available for those with lower incomes.

Salvation Army social services in counties including Ritchie

There are other programs too, mostly for basic and seasonal needs. Donations from the community help low income children have a better Christmas by providing them with free toys, backpacks, uniforms, and more. This program provides holiday gifts and meals to senior citizens.

The Salvation Army provides help to those affected by disasters, whether they are natural or man-made. The first responder organization will provide housing for those affected, replace their clothing or furniture, and also provide meals for responders and others impacted by the event.

Workers who help people in difficult situations advocate for them. This refers to giving suggestions on where to find supportive housing for senior citizens or giving information on how to get affordable medical care or prescriptions for those who are under-insured. The Salvation Army Center in Roane is a place where people can go for help and support.

Apply for assistance programs and social services

When you ask for help from a program that provides assistance, like getting food, you will have to go through a process to get that help. Applicants need to show how much money they make, where they live, and why they are in need of assistance. The Salvation Army needs to have identification and case workers in the region to understand what the long term solution is so that a plan can be put in place. Please call (304) 343-4548 for more information.

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