Food Pantries

San Marcos and Hays County free food pantries.

Food pantries that are located across Hays County will help families who are struggling to make ends meet. If the centers have enough resources, then they will provide free groceries or food to households based on the number of people in the household. Non-profit organizations typically provide food items that should be considered supplementary, rather than the primary source of nutrition for a family.

A box of food will contain both canned and fresh items. Volunteers will also help the clients to find job training and government benefits, such as WIC vouchers or SNAP food stamps. The local food pantries in San Marcos Texas are working together to help feed residents who are less fortunate. They are providing a variety of services to help make sure that everyone has enough to eat.

BUMC is a church located at 302 Elm Street in Buda, Texas. They have a pantry that can provide emergency help up to six times per year. This means that the money is not guaranteed and depends on the person giving it out. The church may also have vouchers for gasoline or clothing, free Christmas meals, and more. This means that the church may be able to help you with some of the costs of Christmas.

The Central Texas Life Care food bank is located at 115 Warden Lane in San Marcos, TX 78666. The main phone number is 512-396-3020.

The ARCIL is a disability services organization in San Marcos, Texas. They can be reached by telephone at 512-396-5790.

The Community Action, Inc. is a organization located in San Marcos, Texas that helps people in need by providing referrals to local food pantries and distribution sites. If you need assistance, you can contact them at 512-392-1161. They also help with applying for food stamps, job programs, and resources for utility bills and more.

Dripping Springs Helping Hands provides non-perishable and fresh food items to those in need in the Dripping Springs area. Non-perishable items include canned goods, dry goods, and other items that do not require refrigeration, while fresh items include eggs, meats, fruit, dairy goods, and baby formula. The Salvation Army also provides other forms of assistance during the Christmas season, such as free gifts for children, meals, and financial assistance with bills or rent.

The family address is 702-B Bracewood Circle in San Marcos, Texas. The family telephone number is 512-393-9369.

The First Baptist Church in Kyle, Texas offers hot meals and emergency food to people in need. The church is located at 400 W Center St, and the phone number for more information is 512-268-3511. The center also has a service where they deliver meals to low income seniors and the disabled in their part of Hays County.

The Hays-Caldwell Women’s Center provides shelter, outreach, food, and other services to women in need.

The charity also provides basic necessities such as clothing and hygiene items.

The Immanuel Baptist Church is located at 4000 East FM 150 in Kyle, TX. The church can be contacted by phone at 512-268-5471.

The location is at 1130 Hwy 123 San Marcos, TX 78666. For more information, you can dial 512-392-2686. The county is also providing free snacks and other supports to seniors and children during the summer.

Redwood Baptist Church provides emergency food, gently used clothing, and help in obtaining ID. The staff helps immigrants and non-English speakers get birth certificates and picture ID cards.

The Salvation Army provides vouchers for food, gasoline, and furniture from their thrift store. To redeem these vouchers, call 512-754-8541. This means that there will be more food available for people who need it, in addition to the food that is already available from the pantry and the Angel Tree program for children.

7th St. The Southside Community Center is located at 518 S. 7th St. in the city. The Salvation Army will be helping out at 512-392-6694. There are places to clean yourself and take showers.

The St. Vincent de Paul Society (SVDP) is a Catholic organization that helps people in need. They are located at 1100 Main Street in Buda, Texas. They can be reached at 512-415-4012.

Austin Ave., Georgetown, TX 78626 St. Anthony’s Catholic Church is located on Austin Avenue in Georgetown, Texas. The charity has access to resources such as medications, food, and other types of aid.

The Wimberley Crisis Bread Basket provides food for those in need. It is located behind the Wimberley Visitors Center.

The Wimberley United Methodist Church has a Barnabas Connection program that provides referrals to free food banks and other social services in Hays County. Volunteers at the church have information on these resources and can help connect people in need with them. The Wimberley Ministerial Alliance Fund also provides medical care, school supplies and other essential needs to the community.

If you need help finding a food pantry or government program, call 512-392-8300. The Hays County Food Bank helps to provide food for people who need it. They help to get food to people who might not otherwise have enough to eat. The website for the Hays Food Bank is The food bank provides food and other necessities to people in need in the Hays, Kansas area. This organization helps to prevent hunger in the community by giving resources to people of all ages, incomes, and backgrounds. There is no food provided at the location, but there are several public distributions of food at locations throughout the county.

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