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Santa Clara Catholic Charities assistance programs.

People who need help and have a low income can get support from case managers at Catholic Charities. There are programs that will give you money for things like housing and rent, and other resources are offered from referrals. Social workers can help people apply for government programs that offer financial assistance. There is assistance available for immigrants and those seeking employment skills.

Job and development services

If people are able to provide for themselves and contribute to economic growth, they will be less likely to live in poverty. This means that people who are unemployed, working poor, immigrants, and others can sign up for classes that will teach them skills that will help them get housing, employment, and improve their financial situation.

Individual Development Accounts are savings accounts that can be used to cover certain costs, such as education or housing. This is a program that helps low-income families and individuals save money. If you save money, the government may match your savings with additional funds. The money can be used for buying things like college, a house, or starting a business. Catholic Charities clients can learn about free apps for saving and investing money on their smart-phone.

The Job Training and Employment Services are designed to help clients who are looking for a new job or their very first job. Some of the assistance that is provided to people includes helping them with their career goals, writing resumes, interviewing skills, placement in a job, and developing skills to keep a job.

ESL and short-term computer training, including keyboarding, Microsoft applications, Internet, and e-mail usage, are often offered as needed. We hold our sessions at 2625 Zanker Road, Suite 101, in San Jose, California. The number to call is (408) 325-5285

Focus for Work is a similar program to this one that helps you focus on your work and be more productive. This organization provides services and workshops to help individuals and groups prepare for employment. This document covers services to help people with behavioral illnesses find and keep a job, as well as support after they are employed. The components offer support for finding a job, including coaching and follow-along support for 90 days after placement, vocational assessment, resume writing, interviewing skills, and cold calling.

Catholic Charities offer free tax services for low income families. This means that if you qualify, you can get your federal and state of California tax returns prepared and filed for free. There are several centers located throughout Santa Clara County. There are many ways to file your taxes for free.

Programs that teach both children and their parents are available. Our goal is to help young people develop the skills and abilities they need to lead independent lives as adults. Catholic Charities and their partners offer programs and classes to help those who need to improve their skills and place in life. Some resources are designed to help younger children get ready for kindergarten so they can take full advantage of their education, learn new things, and grow as individuals.

The CORAL program is for after-school activities. This program will help students in high-poverty areas in northern California to succeed academically by focusing on active parental involvement, strong reading skills, and other engaging enrichment activities.

The Asylee Program provides cash assistance, ESL classes, medical coverage, computer training, and job placement to eligible individuals. Some help with bills or rent may be available, but it will be limited. To reach customer service, please call 408.325.5227.

This means that if you are a low-income senior, or if you care for a low-income senior, there are services available to help you. They can help keep families together and living independently. Home-delivered meals and other services may be available as well. The Senior Nutrition Program is a service that provides meals for seniors. Volunteers and staff cook and serve hot meals to seniors at multiple locations in Santa Clara County five days a week. Meals are nutritious and designed to meet the needs of seniors.

Santa Clara County is a great place for people with families. There are plenty of activities and amenities for families to enjoy, and the community is very supportive. Prenatal care is medical care given to women during pregnancy. It can help improve birth outcomes and health for both the mother and baby. Get free stuff for kids and their families. The phone numbers for the Dahl Elementary Family Resource Center, Luther Burbank Family Resource Center, and Santee Family Resource Center are 408.361.4281, 408.380.8600, and 408.420.1932, respectively. There are other places too.

The Kinship Support Program is a program for people who are taking care of children who are not their own. This could be referring to a situation where someone’s grandparents are taking care of their grandchild. Catholic Charities can help you understand and deal with the child welfare and dependency court systems. The number 408.975.5328 can be written as four hundred eight, nine hundred seventy five, five thousand three hundred twenty eight.

The Inmate Support Services can help inmates who are living in Santa Clara county, California. Help is also available for their families. The library offers many services to the community including book delivery, glasses, notary services, resources, and referrals. The number 408.325.5147 can be pronounced as “four zero eight, three two five, five one four seven”.

Financial help from Catholic Charities in Santa Clara County

These assistance programs can help people with the high cost of housing, rent, and eviction prevention in Santa Clara. There is a lot of poverty in the area and many people can’t afford to pay for all their basic needs. They have to choose between paying for housing, buying food, or getting health care. Churches and Catholic charities offer assistance to individuals who are struggling to make ends meet. This includes those who are homeless or living in poverty. They provide resources and support to help these individuals get back on their feet. Receive help in finding housing that is safe, stable, and appropriate.

This means that there are places that can help you with rent if you are struggling, and there are also programs that can help you with housing costs. The Cut Poverty Campaign in Santa Clara County is working together with other organizations to try and create more affordable housing options for those who need it. There are also programs that can help you with rental assistance in Santa Clara County.

The Catholic Charities Housing Search and Stabilization Program is another option. This program helps families and individuals find housing that is safe and stable. This means that clients can get help figuring out what kind of housing they need, based on their individual situation. Some programs can help connect people looking for housing with landlords who are willing to offer shared housing. Get help with filling out an application. Other services that help people keep their homes include individual budget counseling, mediation between landlords and tenants, credit repair, assistance with rent payments/preventing evictions, and financial education workshops.

The CalFresh program is a government-run program that provides food assistance to low-income individuals and families. This helps people in Santa Clara County get food from government-funded food stamp benefits. The government pays for it through the USDA, and people will get a debit card to use for shopping. You can purchase whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, and proteins as well.

Immigration/Refugee can help individuals with the process of becoming a U.S. Citizen. It can give people the opportunity to build strong foundations. The immigration services are provided in San Jose and Gilroy of California. The agency provides several programs to help people, including preparing for interviews, determining if someone is eligible for benefits, helping with applications, and referring people to English and citizenship classes. Catholic Charities is responsible for resettlement and retraining services. This means that there are classes available to learn about computers, job training to help get employed, and support services for those in foster care. There is a focus on free lawyers in California helping immigrants.

The WIC Peer Counseling Program is a program that helps women who are pregnant or have young children. The program is supported by Catholic Charities. Please call the following number: 408.200.0981 Giving pregnant women and new mothers a place to go to get educated and supported.

The Programs for Financial Education Services can help people who don’t have a lot of money learn how to budget, spend, and save in a way that is healthy for them. Call this number for counseling services.

Locations of Catholic Charities in Santa Clara County

Catholic Charity centers are located in Eastside Neighborhood Center, 2150 Alum Rock Ave., San Jose, CA 95116. 4th Street, Chico, CA 95928 The John XXIII Multi-Service Center is located at 195 E. 4th Street in Chico, CA 95928. This center provides a variety of services to the community, including a food bank, clothing bank, and various social service programs. San Fernando Street in San Jose, California is home to many businesses, including a law firm at 2625 Zanker Road, Suite 101. This law firm can be reached at (408) 325-5194.

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