Food Pantries

Santa Fe County food banks and pantries.

There are many places in Santa Fe County New Mexico where you can go to get free food. Pantries and soup kitchens help out those who can’t afford food or who have disabilities. They also help feed children. Emergency food may be given out at locations, as well as surplus USDA commodities and hot meals during Christmas or Thanksgiving.

There are food banks that help immigrants and newcomers to the county in Santa Fe. The volunteers at the non-profits will help the applicant find programs that may be able to help them. Many different types of services can be obtained. If residents are struggling to find food, they may be eligible for programs like WIC or SNAP.

Some of the main locations in the county are below. If an elderly person or disabled member can’t make it to a center, then they can inquire into a Meals on Wheels service or other options.

The Madrid Cultural Projects is located at 2876 Highway 14 in Madrid, New Mexico. The main phone number for the Madrid Cultural Projects is (505) 471-1633.

They want to help them in any way possible including their wellness. They are located in New Mexico and their phone number is (505) 467-2524. This organization provides free groceries, meals, shelter, and more to those in need.

Welcome to the OutreachAddress! We are located at 1511 Fifth Street in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Our hours are (505) 986-0583. We offer a free food pantry on site. The food pantry can provide holiday meals, summer snacks for children, and applications to SNAP food stamps.

Christ Lutheran Church is a nonprofit organization that assists the homeless community in Santa Fe, New Mexico. They provide non-perishable food, blankets, and surplus clothing to those in need.

It then repackages and stores the products before selling them to local food pantries, shelters, and soup kitchens. A food distribution center in Santa Fe that helps provide food for those in need. It gets surplus food from restaurants and bakeries and repackages it before selling it to local food pantries, shelters, and soup kitchens. The clothes are then given to low income families. They also work with an organization called Feeding America of New Mexico.

To get food from the pantry in Santa Fe, New Mexico, dial (505) 920-2191.

They have advocates to help with a variety of topics such as immigration, housing, employment, and more. The Life Link – Sojourners’ Advocacy Cafe is a day center that helps women, children, and single mothers. They have advocates who can help with problems such as immigration, housing, and employment. A cafe is a restaurant that serves hot meals and passes out food. They may also offer classes on topics such as GE or child care.

The food pantry is a place where people can go to get emergency food.

The Salvation Army Food Bank is a place where people can go to get food. They have a food pantry where people can get food. Other programs in Santa Fe include programs that deliver meals to people’s homes, a thrift store, and housing for people who are transitioning between homes. There are also Thanksgiving and Christmas meals.

Southwest Care Center Specialty Services is a healthcare facility located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It offers a variety of medical services to its patients, including primary care, specialty care, and urgent care.

The St. John The Baptist Catholic Church provides a soup kitchen for those in need. The address is 1301 Osage Avenue Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505 and the phone number is (505) 984-3118. There may also be coupons for food, rent assistance, utility assistance, baby formula, and more.

The St. John’s United Methodist Church is located at 1200 Old Pecos Trail in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The church can be reached at (505) 982-5397.

The St. Vincent De Paul organization provides meals for those who are struggling financially or don’t have access to food. They rely on volunteers to help cook and serve the food. The organization provides meals to those in need and also helps with bills or medications. Other resources include food and formula for infants and holiday meals.

Vineyard Christian Fellowship provides free groceries to those in need.

If you need more information, you can call 505.471.1633. Non-profits in Santa Fe can help with other things too, not just provide financial aid. There are many organizations that can help you get food if you are in need. Local pantries and soup kitchens are usually run by churches or other charities. They can give you food for free or at a reduced price. The government also has programs to help people get food. You can learn about these programs by contacting your local social services office.

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