Schoharie County Community Action assistance programs.

The Schoharie County Community Action offers programs like emergency rent and shelter assistance, weatherization, and job placement resources. The non-profit agency and its case managers are committed to helping people who are poor or have fewer opportunities than others to overcome their challenges.

The local Emergency Shelter program helps people who are homeless or struggling to pay their rent. The program provides families or individuals who do not have any shelter available to them with the resources they need to get access to shelter.

The Rental Assistance program is a government-funded program that helps low-income families pay their rent. The Schoharie County Community Action Agency provides financial assistance to families or individuals who are struggling to pay their rent. They also can’t be qualified for receiving assistance from a local charity organization or the local Department of Social Services. The aid is only offered to residents who have no other options. The company provides its clients with rent for the first month. If you qualify, the government can help you with a back rent payment. The amount of rent they will pay is based on your income and other factors.

If you are struggling to pay your energy bills on time, there is help available. There are many reasons why someone might need government assistance, such as if they have lost their job or have a medical condition. This assistance is provided to qualified Schoharie families. The employees of the agency will help families in communicating with service providers to determine what options are available to them.

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Weatherization helps people save money by making improvements to their homes that make them more energy efficient. Low-income households can receive assistance in making their homes more energy efficient and reducing their energy bills. This means making changes to your home that will save you money on your energy bills and help the environment. This non-profit community action agency will ensure the health and safety of people served in the home by using government funds to do this for free.

The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance (LIHEAP) can help the poor and struggling by providing them with grants for their utility bills. Schoharie County Community Action provides grants to eligible customers to help with energy and heating bills. Customers who use natural gas, heating oil or other sources of energy need to contact their heating vendor to arrange payments before making an appointment with our Energy Assistance team.

The Job placement from the NYS Displaced Homemaker Program is for residents that are unemployed or underemployed. The program provides job placement and career counseling to help participants find jobs that match their skills and interests. They should also have trouble getting a job or progressing in their career without help. The applicant may have also even worked in the labor force for a substantial number of years but, during that time, has worked in their own home providing care for family members. The Homemaker Program is also for people who rely on financial assistance from the government or from another family member.

This program provides a variety of services. Schoharie County Community Action helps people attain economic independence by offering them with free services such as career counseling, resume review, employment training, job search assistance, and any other support services they need to obtain employment. The main goals of this employment program are to help people from the region get employed and become self-supporting.

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This program offers workshops to help people qualify for a range of careers. Counselors will work with customers on things like interviewing skills, resume advice and cover letter preparation, tips on how to perform Online job searching techniques, training on Basic computer skills trainings in Microsoft Word, Excel and Access, and various other job development tactics.

The community action agency can also help with other needs, mostly by referring people to other agencies. The headquarters for this organization is located at 795 East Main Street, Suite 5, Cobleskill, New York 12043-1436. Call the number 518-234-2568.

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