Assistance Program

Scott County Assistance Programs

Housing, rent, and mortgage assistance

The federal government Homeless Intervention Program (HIP) gave the Appalachian Community Action & Development Agency a $115,000 grant. The money will go to people who are in danger of being kicked out of their homes or having their homes foreclosed.

The housing programs are being administered in partnership with Tazewell County’s Clinch Valley Community Action Agency. This agency helps with housing needs in the community. The different agencies involved are working together to help low- and moderate-income households by providing short-term rental or mortgage assistance.

This program is not a charitable program. The people who are eligible for help from the housing program are the ones who are about to become homeless because of something that happened that was out of their control, like losing their job or having a medical emergency. Applicants for the program must also demonstrate a commitment to improving their situation and returning to independent living. This means that if a family or individual is experiencing financial difficulty, it is not part of a chronic condition or long-term pattern.

If you want to be a part of this mortgage and rent program, you must apply. Once you have applied, staff members will review your eligibility. If you are accepted into the program, housing counselors will help you set goals for financial independence.

If you are accepted into this grant program, you will be able to receive loans or grants that you don’t have to pay back to help with your monthly rent or mortgage payments. The Scott County Homeless Intervention Program offers help with rent and mortgage payments, as well as monthly housing classes and sessions on financial literacy and budgeting. If you are interested in learning more about this program, please contact one of AppCAA’s three locations: Gate City (276) 386-6441, Wise (276) 679-5988, or Jonesville Virginia (276) 346-0054. I have a lot in common with my best friend I share many interests and values with my best friend.

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